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Ron Ramsey, gun laws and more in Sunday's Forum

Staff Report • Jul 25, 2013 at 9:43 AM

If (Lt. Gov.) Ron Ramsey did not exist, I suspect “Saturday Night Live” would have to invent him as a parody of the typical blowhard Southern politician. His latest idea is typical. As many readers probably know, Tennessee is a so-called “employment at will” state. This means if you are an employee, you can be fired for smoking on the job, for your political beliefs, for reporting your boss for sexual harassment and even for reporting your boss for committing a criminal offense or for any reason or no reason at all. Ramsey apparently has no problem with that.Now, however, he wants to create one exception to “employment at will” law — namely if you have a loaded gun in your car in violation of company policy you could not be fired for that offense. It seems that Ramsey can find no greater problem to address than firearms in parking lots. Perhaps he is just pandering to his base, many of whom think there is only one amendment to the U.S. Constitution. And I thought Republicans were the proponents of private property rights. Thirty-thousand annual gun deaths in the United States are apparently irrelevant to him.URS GSTEIGERJohnson CityGun law clarificationAlthough I have tried to follow this issue as reported in the Press, I still have several questions about how the “safe commute/guns in parking lots” law will work. A recent story dealt with whether employees could be fired for having a gun in a locked car. How would an employer know if there was a gun in a locked car? Some articles have referred to the guns being in the trunk of a car, or being locked in a car. There is a considerable difference. Cars are easily broken into, and guns are among the most commonly stolen items. So must they be in the trunk, or can they be carried in the car itself? If the gun is in the car, is the employee going to stop a block away from his employer’s parking lot to place it in the trunk, and reverse the process on the way home? If he does this in the parking lot, would he not have that gun out of the car on the employer’s property while transferring it? If it stays in the trunk, it is not clear how it could be used to ensure his safety on his commute. I would appreciate any help you can give me to clarify these point. SALLY NAGELJohnson CityIncompetent ObamaBarack Obama is an example of a president who “talks the talk,” but fails to fails to “walk the walk.” This letter is directed to the collegiate and minority voters who sent an Illinois politician to the White House in lieu of an upright, successful American. Obama’s tenure as a Teleprompter reader geared at telling the people what they want to hear rather than his capability to conjoin with others to accomplish support, endorsements and concepts that are productive to enact bipartisan legislation. The Ronald Reagan/Tip O’Neil system of getting things done has alluded Obama. You want to hear a “Hee-Haw” leg slapper? One top Democratic congressman said on TV: “You must judge Obama on what he does and not on what he says.”Whatever happened to the cliché: “Your word is your bond”? Obama’s words and bonds of failed promises would dwarf the pages of the Britannica Encyclopedia. A best seller might prove to be a review of the IRS file on Obama to discover how, without wealthy parents or amassing a huge student loan, he could wind his way through intermediate and collegiate education without gainful employment or a part-time job, and be able to attend universities whose tuition reach the high five figures. Check with your next waiter or waitress, who are students, and you’ll find most are struggling to get by in most universities.America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, under Obama has become the land of the freebies and the home of the betrayed.KENNETH ALBERT EHMKEJohnson CityR

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