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Kent Harris trial and telephone landlines in Sunday's Forum

Staff Report • Jul 17, 2013 at 8:44 AM

Landline and cellI still have a landline. I know the phone will work during most power outages and I do not have to rely on a battery or running out to my car to charge one. The audio is always clear. I can send and receive facsimile documents. I can access the Internet on my landline, as well as cable, although slower but reliable. Yes, I have a Droid smartphone and it is wonderful, however, I won’t give up my landline.PATRICK COSTELLOJohnson CityPhone directoriesIf you value your ability to maintain contact with friends who live elsewhere, you will strongly support the continuation of landline telephones. Here’s why. In February 2011, our house burned to the ground and everything was lost, including our address book. We were able to find the addresses of those friends who still had a landline telephone by using any one of the several people search programs on the Internet. Those programs all depend on the information published in telephone directories (names, addresses and landline telephone numbers). Of those friends who had given up their landline phones and switched to cell phones, we were only able to locate a few by finding a mutual friend who knew the cell phone numbers or addresses. Others, we have still been unable to locate. So, unless and until there are dependable directories for non-landline telephones, hang onto your landline phone.ALBERT M. HEALYJonesboroughLike having bothWe do have a landline telephone and I’m very attached to it. I do not always have a pocket and certainly not a belt for attaching a cell phone holder. I am not attached to my cell phone at all times. Also I don’t give my cell phone number to everyone because I don’t want to be able to be reached wherever I am except in case of emergencies or a very important need.I don’t enjoy hearing the conversations of others up and down the grocery aisles and prefer to have my conversations more privately. Another reason I like my landline phone is that I can multi-task with it. If I receive a call from a friend in the middle of making dinner, I can shoulder my landline phone and continue preparations. I cannot do this with my cell phone. It is much too awkward. I am in my late 60s and may be marching to a different drumbeat, but I hope I’ll still have a landline till the day I die. I’m very glad to have my cell phone, too, but like having it both ways.GIGI McCOLLUMJohnson CityEmergency serviceIt does seem there is a strong trend, to say the very least, toward the use of cell phones only. Nonetheless, there are still a lot of landline telephone directory listings.Could someone please set us straight on the validity of the now-and-again inserts we get with new landline account statements that suggest certain essential emergency communications might be lost without a landline phone? Should we take this as a not-too-subtle sales pitch?MARY ALICE DILLARDGreenevilleWant my landlineNo, I don’t want my landline phone to become obsolete. I do not have a cell phone, but have a cordless phone.If the power goes off the cordless phone won’t work, but the landline is still operational.I do not want a cell phone.MABEL GRINDSTAFFElizabethtonGood Sheriff HarrisWell, well, well!Just as I and many other Unicoi citizens figured all the time. All these drummed up charges by Tony Clark, that could not get an honest man convicted, were just contrived by him and others to get our good (former) Sheriff Kent Harris run out of office. Harris is a Christian and has showed it in spite of all that has happened to him.I for one hope his physical health will allow him to come out of retirement and run for same office again. If he can run again, I’m sure he will be re-elected by a landslide. And I would say to Clark to “not let the door hit you on the way out” when you are kicked out in the next election.C.L. MORRELLUnicoiClark’s vendettaWhat kind of personal vendetta does District Attorney General Tony Clark have against Kent Harris? Why waste taxpayers’ money for a third trial on these charges? My personal opinion is if we investigated Clark thoroughly we might find that he, too, has used staff personnel for so called “personal gain,” however insignificant, like a trip to McDonald’s for coffee? Harris has been acquitted twice and apparently Clark simply wants a “notch in his belt.” This is completely pointless.ROBERT HOUSEGray

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