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Families, some from JC, tell their DCS grievances to state rep. in Nashville

Tony Gonzalez • Feb 19, 2013 at 11:32 AM

NASHVILLE — More than a dozen families claiming mistreatment by the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services gathered Monday in Nashville to share their stories with Rep. Sherry Jones, a longtime critic of the state’s child protection agency.

The families — mostly mothers and grandmothers — spoke of child custody battles, perceived violations of law by DCS caseworkers, and difficulties navigating what they described as a confusing and sometimes combative state system.

Monday, a state holiday, Jones listened to them most of the afternoon in a room at the nearly deserted Legislative Plaza. Millsaps and most others drove hours to be there — from as far as Johnson City — for a rare face-to-face with the lawmaker and with families who share similar concerns.

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