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Candy, flowers never get old on Valentine's Day

Jan Hearne • Feb 12, 2013 at 9:08 PM

On Valentine’s Day, it isn’t the thought that counts — as in, “I thought about giving you a gift, but didn’t” — it’s the thought behind the gift.

The best gifts are those that show you’re paying attention: the earrings she admired, dinner at her favorite restaurant, a bottle of her favorite wine ... or his, because women aren’t totally off the hook on Valentine’s Day. Giving goes both ways.

There’s also the gift of doing something your partner likes that maybe you don’t. Take a walk after dinner, sit through a chick flick, rent a movie that doesn’t involve mass casualties, go clothes shopping for her dog. And do it with a cheerful heart. It is, after all, just one day out of the year.

Forget about practical gifts. Valentine’s Day is not the day to buy her a sewing machine, even though she commented recently she’d like to have one. It’s not the day to go all out on a new vacuum cleaner or, heaven help you, a leaf blower. Even if she asks for something practical, she wants magic, too.

This may be the day you get all those things done around the house she’s been “nagging” you about: the dripping faucet, the clogged drain, the loose floorboard. Do that if you think it will please her, but buy her flowers, too. And a card — not a funny one, but one with a sweet sentiment.

Get it out of your head that Valentine’s Day forces romance. “I tell her I love her all the time, why do I have to prove it on Feb. 14?”

You just do, that’s why. It doesn’t have to be important to you to be important to her — or him. Some people are more romantic than others; honor that side of your partner. It will make life easier.

If you’re thinking the plastic-wrapped rose displayed next to the pine-tree car freshener at the convenience store will do, think again. Really, what does that say about the depth of your feelings?

Don’t be the harried guy at the grocery store buying a straggle of picked over flowers on his way home from work tomorrow. Even at this late hour there are thoughtful gifts to be had. Here are a few suggestions:

- Roses, red, delivered to her office. “The rose is still the primary thing people seem to want — a dozen red,” Sara Broyles Engel, owner of Broyles’ Florist said. Broyles also suggested some new and different roses: a fragrant pink or deep purple rose, an arrangement of roses and lilies with Swarovski elements, potted miniature roses that can be planted out when it’s warmer, and lilies. She and all the florists in Johnson City will be delivering from daylight to dusk Thursday. Place your order now.

- Candy, beautiful and handcrafted from Earth & Sky Confections in Jonesborough. Choose a variety of flavors like Sea Salt Caramel, Espresso-Hazelnut, White Truffle Caramel, Raspberry Rose, Spiced Whiskey and more. Chocolates come in boxes of six to 40, though manager Rob Parks said the larger boxes — 24 or 40 — are most commonly sold for Valentine’s Day. Be sure to include at least one piece of Passion Fruit.

- Lunch, not fast food. Take her to lunch and present her with flowers or a gift. It’s unexpected.

- Something sparkly, either champagne or jewelry. Gregory Isbell Co. suggests pearls, colored stones or sterling silver. It may also be the day to propose. Ten percent of the annual 220,000 proposals take place on Feb. 14, and an engagement ring is the ultimate Valentine’s gift.

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