Four charged after meth lab found in Watauga

John Thompson • Jan 3, 2013 at 9:57 PM

ELIZABETHTON — Deputy Nick Andes of the Carter County Sheriff’s Department was attempting to serve an outstanding warrant at a Watauga residence Wednesday morning when he discovered numerous items of drug paraphernalia. An extensive clandestine meth lab was then discovered in the house.

Four people found in the house that morning were arrested. They included a resident of the house, Christopher Daniel Hagy, 27, 211 9th St. Extension, Watauga. Two others charged were Steven Lee Hamm III, 31, 187 Hamm Hollow Road, and Shelby Ann Effrick, 119 Rocky Top Road, No. 6, Watauga. The three were charged with initiation of the process intended to result in the manufacture of methamphetamine, possession of a schedule II drug and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Hagy, the only resident found at home at the time of the arrest, was also charged with maintaining a dwelling where narcotics were manufactured and served with the outstanding warrant charging him with failure to appear.

Each of the three were also charged with promotion of methamphetamine manufacturing. Hagy had 12 counts, Hamm had nine counts and Effrick had three counts.

The fourth person arrested was Patrick Barr III, 30, 1290 Bluefield Ave., Apt. E-6. He was charged with possession of a schedule IV drug.

Andes said he came to the residence to serve the warrant on Hagy. He was met by Barr. Andes said Barr claimed he was the only person at the home. Andes said he was going inside to search for Hagy.

Andes said he found Effrick under a blanket in the first room he came to. On a table beside her, Andes said he found razor blades, a white powdery substance and several cut straws with powder on them. He then observed a pistol on the wood stove in the same room. He secured and unloaded it.

Andes said he then went into another room and found Hagy lying on a small couch in close proximity to vials, knives, razor blades, cut straws, pills and other items commonly used as drug paraphernalia.

Hamm was found in bed asleep. When officers awoke him he was found in close proximity to a metal can that had a plastic bag inside. Andes said Hamm told him it was “meth.”

Andes also said he recognized components of a clandestine meth lab in the house and notified the department’s drug unit. He said they confirmed there was an extensive meth lab in the house.

The Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force was called and disposed of the items. The four residents of the house were decontaminated and the house was quarantined.

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