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Kids ask Santa to bring Xbox, brother and other things in their letters

Jennifer Sprouse • Dec 20, 2012 at 9:55 PM

While many kids write out their Christmas lists and hand them to their moms and dads to look over, some children have taken it one step further and have sent their handwritten notes on to the North Pole for Santa Claus.

But, even Santa needs help sometimes answering all of his mail and one of his designated helpers is none other than Valorie Hall, a city postal carrier for the United States Postal Service at the Carroll Reece Station in Johnson City.

According to Lisa Dula, supervisor of the Carroll Reece location, Hall has been receiving the Santa letters for about two weeks, but said she is very much a seasoned pro.

“I’m going to say we’ve probably seen already ... close to 200 (letters),” Dula said. “All the carriers bring whatever they get back to her and she (Hall) takes them all home and answers every one of them. Every single one.”

On Santa’s behalf, of course.

And the letters –– some colorful, some not –– had some very specific requests.

A boy named John has asked Santa for Xbox games, X-ray goggles, Spongebob figures and a glow pen, and Ella would like a fuzzy hat, a nutcracker, a pillow pet and some rings.

Another letter to the man in red was from a girl named Allyssa, who asked Mr. Claus for some Apple products, computer products, a Wii and Wii games and a lifetime supply of fake tattoos. Her other request came at the bottom of her note as a P.S., asking Santa for a baby brother.

Many of the letters included sentences telling Santa how good they’ve been, but one writer named Evie admitted to being both good and bad this year, adding at the end, “I am working on it.”

Shelby asked the jolly old elf on a Hello Kitty stamped letter, for a Nintendo 3DS, an Easy Bake Oven, a helicopter and paper and markers.

Following the Hello Kitty theme, Olivia told Santa she would like an iPad with a Hello Kitty case for Christmas this year.

Mia asked for a Lala Loopsy mermaid or an Ariel or Sleeping Beauty figurine. She kept up the under the sea theme, asking Santa for exactly five fish.

Dula said letters do not require a stamp and they are still being accepted for any boy or girl who would like to write to Mr. Claus.

“They can ... leave it in their mailbox and the carriers will pick it up and bring it back,” she said. “As long as it says ‘Santa,’ we know where it goes.”

Dula said she’s thankful Hall is willing to take on the responsibility of answering all the letters for Santa.

“Valorie is an awesome woman for doing this, taking her own time out of her life to sit and answer all these Santa letters just to make the kids happy,” she said. “It’s such a crazy time here it does brighten your day ... because we are just so busy, nonstop and then to see these (letters), you know it’s all worth it.”

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