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Having belts is better

Staff Report • Nov 26, 2012 at 8:49 AM

Shouldn’t school buses be safer for students? Students are at risk for getting seriously injured, or even killed, without seat belts. I think school buses should have them.

If seat belts were installed in school buses, they would not only help students stay safer, but they would keep the driver from getting distracted.

Students, mostly little kids, like to stand up in the seats and turn around to talk or play with each other. This causes the driver to look away from the road and at the kids.

On my bus, kids do this every day, and the driver has to look at them and tell them to sit down. But, seat belts would stop this.

They would also keep students safer during a wreck. If the bus were to flip over, the seat belts would keep students from falling out of seats. If a student fell out of a seat, they might land on something sharp or break their neck. Seat belts could help avoid this.

Even though seat belts could be helpful, they can also be dangerous. If a bus were to catch on fire, students would have to get out fast. With seat belts, it may take longer to get out. They may even get jammed, trapping the students in the seats.

Also, it may take students longer to get off the bus when they are going home or getting off at school. This would extend the time it takes for the driver to complete their route. Since it would take longer, students may have to get up earlier.

Although seat belts have disadvantages, they are still very helpful. They would help keep the driver from getting distracted. They’d also keep students safer if the bus crashes.

In all, I think it would be better to have seat belts on buses.



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