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Excitement stirs for Cyber Monday sales

Jennifer Sprouse • Nov 24, 2012 at 9:21 PM

While some people enjoy the hustle and bustle of early morning shopping and scouring the shopping centers for the perfect gift, others like the convenience of shopping from home.

Online retailers have noticed the trend and Cyber Monday, a bargain buying day for online stores that follows Black Friday each year, has rescued many not wanting to venture out to shop.

Kate Pierce, a veteran Cyber Monday shopper, said she plans on checking out Monday’s Cyber Monday sales, especially at sephora.com.

“They’ve got some great gift sets this year. I ended up ordering a couple of sets to give to friends, because you can’t go wrong with a sampler of lipsticks,” she said. “Of course, for my little sister, she just got an iPhone so we’ve been on (etsy.com) a lot looking for cases for her.”

Pierce said she’s also shopped on amazon.com for good deals on DVDs to use as stocking stuffers.

She said beyond not wanting to battle the crowds for holiday deals, she likes being able to examine her purchases, rather than make a rash decision and spend too much money.

“I think it (online shopping) helps you make better purchasing decisions when you have everything compared and you’re not quite as tempted by the little things by the register,” Pierce said. “I think that ... if you’re kind of an introverted person, Cyber Monday is a great option. If Black Friday is part of your family tradition and you enjoy getting out there in the hustle and bustle, then that’s great for you, but it’s nice that people have options now for the two different kinds of deal seekers.”

Vantha Chhoun, co-founder of jammin butter, an umbrella company specializing in marketing for five Internet retail websites, said her company promotes daily deals every day, so preparing for Cyber Monday isn’t much of a stretch.

Chhoun said hot items they do stray away from during the holiday promotion season is electronics.

“We don’t compete on electronics because people’s perception of Cyber Monday is electronics for sale online, and typically the big companies like Best Buy, Walmart ... they’re doing a great job as far as (promoting) the electronic deal,” she said. “We do home goods, we do gifty, novelty type items and then that usually ... sets us apart where we’re not competing with each other.”

Jonesborough resident Natalie Lindley said while she’s done a little bit of local shopping, she also plans on getting on some of her favorite online shopping sites on Monday.

She said some of her favorite sites include Bath and Body Works, L.L. Bean and Amazon.

“It’s too crazy to go into the stores, especially the Friday morning stuff. I would rather not have to deal with all that craziness and knowing that I can be at home and do it, instead of out and dealing with all of that stuff,” Lindley said.

She said even her children are getting into the Cyber Monday shopping.

“This year the girls have decided to save up all their money and get a Kindle Fire, so we’re hoping ... that they’ll be on sale then,” Lindley said. “I have two sons as well and they’ve got some things that they really want, too.”

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