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Indian Trail students make voices heard in mock election

Madison Mathews • Nov 3, 2012 at 8:46 AM

Election results will come in a day early at Indian Trail Intermediate School.

The school’s 1,150 fifth- and sixth-graders voiced their opinion about the 2012 presidential race by voting in a mock election Friday.

The mock election results will be tallied over the weekend by sixth-grade teachers Monica Jones and Nate West, who organized the event.

11-year-old Lauren Gardner served as the inspiration for the mock election when she was eating in lunch in Jones’ classroom and asked that the teacher play a rerun of one of the presidential debates.

“I’ve never really been interested in debates and things and the people who were running for president, but this year my parents were watching it and I sat down tow watch it with them and I just thought it was interesting,” the sixth-grader said.

To Jones’ surprise, Gardner wasn’t the only student interested who expressed an interest in politics and the outcome of this year’s election.

“I heard a lot of them talking to each other about it. I came downstairs and heard some of the kids talking about the coal mining ads. They’re definitely engaged in it more than you would think,” Jones said.

The mock election also fit with the unit Jones was teaching in her language arts classes.

“We’re writing persuasive pieces right now and analyzing ads and things like that for author’s purpose, so it kind of fit in with that and it felt like the students have a lot to say and would benefit from doing a mock election,” she said.

Sam Ellis, another Indian Trail sixth-grader, said he enjoyed to have a say even though their votes didn’t really count.

Like Gardner, Ellis said he was never interested in politics before he watched one of the debates with his mother.

“It really fascinated me that instead of trying to impress the people, it seemed like they were trying to just outsmart each other, pretty much,” he said.

Both Ellis and Gardner voted for GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

The results of the mock election will be announced Monday morning at the school.

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