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Sentencing reset again for admitted dog killer

Becky Campbell • Oct 31, 2012 at 12:36 PM

Sentencing for a Jonesborough man who admitted he killed his family’s dog while on bath salts and cocaine was delayed again Wednesday, this time because a background check that could pave the way for judicial diversion is not complete.

Dustin Ricky Harrell, 22, pleaded guilty in May to aggravated animal cruelty for the torture death of a four-pound Yorkie, Honey.

Honey died Nov. 3, 2011 after enduring four hours of Harrell inflicting painful injuries to the dog — including throwing her down a flight of stairs multiple times, holding her head under water several times and putting her in a clothes dryer for four minutes — then comforting her by using an Icy Hot sleeve on her broken leg and holding her.

Washington County Criminal Court Judge Robert Cupp reset the hearing until Dec. 12.