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First GoTri Magazine issue in today’s Press

Jennifer Sprouse • Oct 25, 2012 at 10:47 PM

Tri-Cities residents will have a new addition to their newspaper publication each month, as Northeast Tennessee Media Group’s new magazine debuts today.

GoTri Magazine, a collaborative effort by the Johnson City Press, Kingsport Times-News and the Herald and Tribune in Jonesborough, will contain local features contributed by the news staffs of those publications.

“It’s a new magazine for the whole Tri-Cities area and we are really focusing on the people of the Tri-Cities, the things that are important to the Tri-Cities area,” said Kristen Swing, editor of GoTri. “This first issue is what we’re calling our ‘buy local’ issue. We thought it was a really important topic to talk about and a really good one for our first issue of the magazine itself. We kind of focus on the importance of essentially shopping where you sleep.”

Topics discussed in the inaugural edition include buying locally, local businesses and locally made food and products.

She said the magazines will have specific new topics each month and will have a good mix of content for readers in each of the cities and surrounding areas to enjoy.

“We think that the Tri-Cities area as a whole ... wants to know about what’s going on in other cities in the Tri-Cities, but also wants to read about what’s going on right in their backyard, too,” Swing said. “I hope people pick (GoTri) up and read it and they put it down and then come back to it and read it again and really enjoy it and start looking forward to it coming out at the end of each month. I think it’s something that is really suited for this area and I don’t know that you can find it anywhere else, so I’m really excited that we’re bringing it to the area.”

Johnson City Press Publisher Justin Wilcox said the magazine was planned to give readers more feature material, apart from the traditional hard news stories.

“The idea was that it was a niche that we needed to fill through an entertainment piece and it goes in conjunction with our Go Tri-Cities website,” he said. “We essentially wanted to take our website and then turn it into a print version. It gave us an avenue to explore more visually dynamic aptitude to our photography and stories and giving us a new way of telling our story.”

Wilcox said GoTri Magazine also will provide a branding type of advertising to customers, as well as an example of the community events or features happening in each town.

“It’s not all just hard-edge news type facts and figures. There’s so much beauty in this area, in the Tri-Cities, of things to do and see and sometimes people forget that it’s here,” he said. “The beauty of the Tri-Cities area is you can be anywhere you want in 15 to 20 minutes, which is very unusual compared to most metropolitan areas, so it’s not inconceivable to be able to go up and have dinner in Kingsport, come down to Johnson City and go shopping and then go see a show or some kind of street fair in Jonesborough all in the same evening,” Wilcox said.

“At the end of the day, while it’s important for us to tell the news ... we are also a vehicle to provide a lifestyle for our folks and the ability to know about these options out there to plan your lives around and plan your entertainment around.”

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