Boones Creek Middle School student charged with bringing weapons to school

Becky Campbell • Oct 24, 2012 at 9:35 PM

A Boones Creek Middle School student was taken into custody and charged Monday with having three weapons on school property.

“We received a call from the school that a student had a weapon,” said Leighta Laitinen, Washington County Sheriff’s Office chief operating officer.

“He had a BB handgun, a pocketknife and a leather wrist band with metal spikes,” she said.

Laitinen said the gun was located in the boy’s backpack, he had the knife in his pocket and the wristband was in his locker.

Jim Murphy, Washington County assistant director of schools for attendance and discipline, said other students apparently saw the weapon and reported it.

“The way we found out was the kids in school told us something was in the school that shouldn’t be there. Several students went to principal and reported it. Evidently the young man was making it known,” Murphy said.

Laitinen said the report on the incident does not indicate if the gun was loaded or if the boy had any intent to use the weapons while at school, but Murphy said he was told there were no BBs in the gun.

“It did look realistic,” Laitinen said about the gun.

For now, the seventh-grader is not allowed back to school. Murphy said there will be a hearing on the issue within 10 days of the incident.

“Students now are really learning they want their school safe and they deserve a safe school,” he said. “When something in the school that creates a hazard they tell us.”

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