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David Crockett High School students take part in flash mob

Jennifer Sprouse • Oct 12, 2012 at 9:50 PM

In high school it’s not very often that you see freshmen and seniors interacting, but on Friday afternoon at David Crockett High School the two age groups worked as one as they performed a synchronized flash mob in the school gymnasium.

Wellness I and English 12 students of the high school performed their dance called the “Beyoncé Bounce” along with the song “Move Your Body” as part of first lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign and in recognition of Child Health Week.

Amy Pleasant, wellness I teacher at DCHS, said she and the other wellness teachers were approached by one of their school nurses, Kathy Loyd, with the flash mob idea.

“She came to us teachers via email and actually (came) to see us in person and asked us if we would be interested in doing the flash mob a couple of months ago and she really spearheaded today’s events,” Pleasant said.

She said she and the other teacher organizers began planning in mid-September and that overall the students had about 10 practices to learn the dance before Friday’s performance.

“We started out learning it in segments. It did have a lot of running in place, so that was something that was easy for the kids to do that, but it did have some complicated steps too,” Pleasant said. “We focused in Wellness on just to make sure they were going in the right direction and they were moving. Everybody’s not a dancer and as long as they were moving that’s what it’s about anyway, is to move and get some exercise and have fun with it.”

Marty Dykes and Ben Tilson started off the dance in the middle of the gym and the large group of around 160-165 students, split in half on either the right or left side, on cue, scattered to their designated place and began to perform their rehearsed moves.

“The highlight of my day was definitely the flash mob dance,” said Sydney Sexton, a senior at DCHS. “I participated because I love to dance, so it was a lot of fun to do that in my class and the purpose for doing that was to raise awareness for child obesity.”

She said as a group they all really got into the choreographed moves and seemed to improve each practice.

“We’ve been practicing it for a few weeks now and we definitely have loosened up a lot since we started,” Sexton said.

Raini Rowenhorst, senior at DCHS and flash mob participant, said she was interested in the concept of exercising during the school day.

“I think that it’s really important for kids during school to get up and exercise just throughout their day and we just did this to really raise awareness of that and to help encourage our ... fellow students to get up and active,” she said. “It really helps your brain ... stay awake during class, especially in ... reading intensive classes like English. It’s really easy to just kind of shut down because you’re so tired and this helps you get up and active and exercise at the same time.”

Pleasant, who joined in as a dancer in the flash mob, said she would like to see the event happen every year and would like to see it used in every Washington County school.

“I think it was just an awesome dance and the kids had fun with it and we had a lot of kids involved,” she said.

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