Uncommon candidate seeks House seat

Gary B. Gray • Oct 4, 2012 at 10:16 AM

His name is Robert Smith. He prefers Bob.

It’s a somewhat common name, but don’t expect the Green Party candidate running for Phil Roe’s 1st Congressional District seat to come across that way. It’s not that he’s abnormal in a bad way. It’s just that his political “rap” is, let’s say, off the beaten path.

“I’m mad as hell,” the 70-year-old Greene County resident states in a one-page list of reasons why he’s running in the Nov. 6 election.

He calls the “Ds” and “Rs” “gangs.” He also uses the term “House of Misrepresentation” where leaders should serve “human beings” and not people with the last name “Incorporated.” Just down the street, Smith says, is the “White House of Prostitution,” which is frequented and directly controlled by “Banksters and military/industrial gangs.”

“This is where most of the major acts of prostitution are carried out anymore,” he said Wednesday during a visit to the Johnson City Press. “Another independent operation is off to one side and is called the Supreme Court of prostitutes. The nine people in this house serve to show the other two operations what they can get away with before their Johns and Janes revolt. Around this whole den of prostitution stands the men and women who meekly submit to this criminal enterprise. They are called, for some strange reason, citizens.”

The former Navy torpedo technician’s constant companion is Ace, a smallish black ball of fur kept cradled near his chest. Following his second heart attack, Smith took his doctor’s advice and got a dog — a poodle to be exact.

Ace was not officially a service dog when he first hooked up with Smith. But when the territorial pup began alerting him to pending heart problems, that changed.

“The very first time he woke me up in the middle of the night,” he said. “He was sitting on my chest crying. I felt a heart attack coming on and called 911. After that I learned to pay attention to him. He’ll whimper.”

Smith also is a member of the Seneca Nation, one of six Native American tribes within the larger Iroquois League. He says he would like to see government work from the bottom up, beginning with “councils.” These councils would identify local problems and issues and take them to the next highest decision-making body — much like the U.S. Constitution guides American citizens to operate.

He said he hopes someday to see government actually function this way, with multiple parties either making compromises with each other or stepping aside a letting someone else give it a go.

“Since 60 percent of the eligible voters do not vote, I’m asking people if they intend to vote,” he said. “If they say no, I ask why. If they say because it doesn’t make any difference, I tell them they are part of the reason it doesn’t make a difference.”

Other points to ponder include his belief that America has long since lost the “war on drugs.” He proposes legalizing drugs and taxing them in the same manner as alcohol and tobacco. The result will be reduced crime, needed revenues, returning the police to their job of protecting and serving, reducing prison populations and getting “the CIA out of the drug smuggling business.”

Smith said if he were in office he would close down all overseas military bases, reduce the Army and Marine Corps to a training and local command structure and put the majority of funding toward training the National Guard, which would have the primary responsibility for responding to national emergencies.

“I want people who want to throw the bums out,” he said. “I want people who want our government to be something other than the best government money can buy.”

He also carries with him a written list of five things he would do if elected. This includes doing away with military assistance to foreign countries.

“After all, if we have to fight them at some time in the future why should we arm them now? The two nations who we have armed that come to mind as using our weapons against us are Iraq and Israel. I am sure others will be added to the list.”

He also wants to make all education free.

“We say we have to go out of the country to find qualified people. A simple solution is to do like China and other nations do: teach the people the needed skills and watch our productivity and competitive ability become what it’s supposed to be.”

Will Mr. Smith go to Washington?

We’ll, that’s why we have elections.

“I could go on and on,” he said. “However, this takes up one hour of my day, and I have other things to do and think about.”

The candidate said he wants to see what else people can come up with after considering his ideas. Check out Bob’s ideas at www.facebook.com/groups291720267523259/ or call him at 426-5144.

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