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Why aren’t Romney, Obama talking about infrastructure?

Staff Report • Sep 7, 2012 at 8:46 AM

With the two major political parties holding their national conventions, there have been a lot of speeches made on a variety of subjects. What we haven’t heard a lot about from either party, however, is what should be done to address this nation’s crumbling infrastructure.

Federal, state and local governments face a crisis when it comes to meeting the basic utility and transportation needs of a nation that now sees bridges crumbling, water systems failing and highways pockmarked with potholes. It is a serious problem that awaits the winner of the November election for president.

Aging roads, bridges and schools present a public safety hazard. As we’ve said in this space many times before, inadequate water supplies pose real obstacles to the health and economic well-being of many communities.

Public officials must begin prioritizing for infrastructure projects. Failure to do so will leave the next generation of Americans without the schools, roads, Internet and public utilities it will need to compete in the global economy.

Elected officials must do a better job of deciding which projects should go to the top of the list and how they will be paid for. And politicians have to do a better job of making the case for these infrastructure improvements to taxpayers who feel they are already doing enough.

These are issues the candidates for president should be talking about.

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