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Tree Streets to be overrun with lots of bargain hunters

Jennifer Sprouse • Sep 6, 2012 at 10:13 PM

Neighbors within the Historic Tree Streets neighborhood across from downtown Johnson City have been setting up tables, tents, racks and even using a spare tree or two to display items for the 23rd annual yard sale this weekend.

While not every house within the designated district will be participating, some are preparing to show their wares early today with more at the bigger, official Saturday sale. Participants said the neighborhood really gets into this event.

“You won’t go three houses without seeing somebody in the yard sale,” Jen Larsen, one of the sellers, said. “People will charter buses and bring (customers) here to this yard sale. It’s become a huge annual event. Just like a typical yard sale, people will come early to get the good stuff.”

Larsen, along with her friend, Heather Justice, said the proceeds from their sale will go toward their own fundraising efforts for a local sport they are both involved in.

“We are going to be donating the money we make here to the Little City Roller Girls, the Tri-Cities’ women’s flat track roller team,” she said. “We do this every year. We all donate stuff and then we donate the money to the team, to the league.”

So far, their yard sale at 431 W. Pine St., has a conglomeration of items from about 30 different people, including clothing, shoes and a few artistic finds.

Steve Adams, of 428 W. Pine, said he also will be showcasing art items at his sale.

“We do a lot of pottery, jewelry, just whatever we find that we want to sell,” Adams said.

He said he has participated in the yard sale before and if it’s anything like the last few years, it will be packed.

“It’s usually wall-to-wall people,” Adams said. “The first year we did it, it was standing room only. You couldn’t even get in the tent to even look. I enjoy it. I love talking to people and I just love ... the atmosphere. Everybody has such a good time.”

Saturday is the bigger of the two sale days, starting at 8 a.m. and running until 3 p.m. Adams said people come whenever they want to, though, scouting out deals long before they are ready to take up the money.

Barry Bishop, lounging in a chair on the front porch of 512 W. Pine, said the sale is another way to say goodbye to the summer season.

“This time of year ... the weather’s changing. It’s kind of like something everybody wants to do. It’s still warm,” Bishop said. “It’s like the last shot of buying deals.”

Selling some old record players, guitars, TVs, clothing and knick-knacks, he said people can really find some good deals at very reasonable prices.

“There will be a lot of folks running around trying to find ... what they need or maybe something they’ve lost,” Bishop said. “I’m excited. It’s going to be a little bit better weather, a little bit of music playing and all of the old time kids will get out and run around.”

For information or directions, visit the Historic Tree Streets website at www.treestreets.us and click on 2012 Yard Sale.

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