Department’s employees keep Erwin looking good

Brad Hicks • Jul 4, 2012 at 9:04 AM

ERWIN — Erwin Town Record Randy Trivette credits property owners throughout town with keeping the overall appearance of the town clean and neat. But he said the town’s public works department also deserves a great deal of praise.

“Our public works department does a tremendous job inside the town of Erwin,” Trivette said. “We get a lot of visitors and tourists who come through here and they comment, they say ‘You have such a beautiful town’ and ‘Your town is so well-kept and maintained.’ ”

The town’s public works department is responsible for right-of-way mowing throughout the town, as well as mowing and litter pickup along the stretch of Interstate 26 that run through Erwin.

“That’s why the interstate always looks so much better when you’re driving through Erwin than it does when you’re driving through any other parts of the state is because we keep it mowed,” Trivette said.

The department is also responsible for maintain public roads throughout town, patching damaged roads and addressing potholes. It also maintains the town’s storm drains, keeping them cleaned out, rebuilding catch basins, and maintaining ditches throughout town, keeping them clean of debris allowing stormwater to flow freely along public rights of way.

But spraying to combat gnats and black flies is undertaken by the department beginning around the first of May and continuing through October. During this time, the Linear Trail and Fishery Park are sprayed three times weekly.

Aside from maintenance, Trivette said the public works department also offers a number of services to residents. One such service is the collection of leaves that pile up in yards during the fall. Trivette said residents may rake these leaves to the curb and public works personnel will collect the leaves with the department’s vacuum truck for recycling.

The department also will collect trimmed tree limbs and brush that is left at curbs. Trivette said the limbs are chipped and are recycled for mulch.

Throughout the year, the department travels Erwin’s roads to collect the garbage residents leave at the curb. Trivette said the town is divided into three zones, with all of the town’s roads included in these zones. The 12-person public works department covers an area of 3.7 miles and travels all of the roads at least once weekly to see if trash has been left out for collection.

“If somebody cleans out their house or basement and they have just general junk, if it’s a mattress, an appliance, boxes, whatever it could be, you set it out and our public works guys have a junk truck that comes by and picks it up and we haul it to the landfill,” Trivette said.

Trivette said the department recycles “everything that it can,” including junk appliances and metal collected. The town also has a contract with Waste Management and collects typical “kitchen garbage,” Trivette said.

“It doesn’t matter what the temperature is, what the weather is, if it’s hot or if it’s cold, if it’s snowing, if it’s raining, they’re out there picking up whatever anybody wants to set out to the curb,” Trivette said.

While residents wishing to take advantage of these services are not required to, they may contact Erwin Town Hall at 743-6231 between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to have a work order completed. Those calling after these hours may leave a message and a work order will be completed the following day.

Trivette said citizens with “questionable” items they wish to have picked up are encouraged to call Town Hall first, as the public works department is unable to collect certain items such as refrigerators with compressors still attached, full paint cans and other chemicals.

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