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School’s out — Indian Trail students say goodbye to school, hello to summer

Madison Mathews • May 30, 2012 at 10:24 PM

At 11:10 a.m. Wednesday, summer break officially started for the students at Indian Trail Middle School.

The ringing of the bell also signified the end of Indian Trail’s 14-year run as the city’s 6-7 campus, with the seventh-graders heading to Liberty Bell Middle School next year.

“It’s kind of sad, cause I’m only going to be here one year, but I’m excited to move up to Liberty Bell because it’s a new school. I’ve had fun here,” soon-to-be seventh-grader Carli Meadows said.

Beginning next year, the school will be known as Indian Trail Intermediate School, serving as the city’s 5-6 campus.

While the Indian Trail Meadows enjoyed for one year won’t be around next year, she couldn’t have imagined her year being any better.

“It’s been a fun year because I have good teachers and I’ve been on a good hall and they’ll have all been really nice to me and everything, so it’s been real good here. I really liked it,” the 11-year-old said.

Still, Meadows is excited about going to a new school where she’ll have the opportunity to make new friends and have new teachers.

Wednesday was Johnson City schools’ last day of classes. Students said their goodbyes, took their final tests, received their report cards and signed yearbooks — all while counting down to the end of the 2011-12 school year.

Like nearly every student, summer break was on Meadows’ mind as she neared the end of the day. And with a birthday, camping trips, visiting the grandparents, riding go-carts and swimming among her summer plans, who can blame her?

“I like being able to be off from school and have some free time to myself. I like to play outside. I’m a cheerleader and I play softball, so I practice softball a lot and I have my cheerleading camp coming up,” she said.

Although next year is going to be a bit different for soon-to-be eighth-grader Sierra Crocker, she’s not letting the fear of heading to a new school get in the way of having a good and relaxing summer.

“You get a break from school and you get to stay up late and you don’t have to worry about studying,” she said.

Not to mention Crocker has plans to hit the beach this summer, which is the thing she’s looking forward to the most about being away from tests and schoolbooks for a few months.

And while she might be a bit apprehensive about leaving Indian Trail behind, she is somewhat excited about what the new school will be like.

“I’m just going to try to look forward to Liberty Bell,” Crocker said.

Like many of his classmates, sixth-grader Joshua Fortune is sad to say goodbye to the fun he had at Indian Trail.

“I actually liked Indian Trail pretty good,” he said.

While that might be the case, Fortune said he’s just glad summer break is finally here — a time when he can rest and just “take it easy.”

“I’m kind of glad that school is over. I’m just not a real big fan of school, but I enjoy it,” he said.

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