Tree falls wrong way, crashes into house, car

John Thompson • May 14, 2012 at 2:18 PM

ELIZABETHTON — A house and vehicle were damaged when a cut tree fell the wrong way on Saturday afternoon.

Lt. Dean Jones of the Carter County Sheriff’s Department reported he was dispatched to 227 Jenkins Hollow Road to investigate the property damage. He spoke with Lisa Ray, who said she and her family were in the living room when she heard a loud crash and then saw tree limbs coming through the ceiling.

Ray said she grabbed her children and ran outside, where she found a large tree lying on the house and crushing her 1996 GMC Yukon. Ray reported that a worker named Robbie Reece said he was cutting trees for neighbor Steve Melton and the tree fell the wrong way.

Ray was renting the house from Albert Harrald. Jones interviewed Harrald, who said he thought the tree was on his property rather than on Melton’s and that Melton “had no business cutting the tree so close to the home.”

Jones said the fallen tree had caused damage to the roof and ceiling of the house. He said the top of Ray’s vehicle had been caved in.

Jones went to speak to Melton. He reported Melton told him he and Harrald “did not get along with each other because of years of property disputes.” Jones said Melton told him he would have Reece speak with Harrald and Ray to try to resolve the damages.

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