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Cell phones can bring bad luck any day of the year

Staff Report • Apr 13, 2012 at 8:31 AM

Superstitious? If you are, then this date must give you chills. Folklore tells us Friday the 13th is a day that can bring bad luck and misfortune. Superstitions aside, carelessness when it comes to the use of smartphones is one sure way to make this day unlucky.

One example of that is distracted text messaging, which officials say is sending some Americans to the emergency room. The American College of Emergency Physicians has issued a warning alerting thumb typists that serious accidents can occur when they are preoccupied by text messaging.

The ER doctors cite growing reports from doctors around the country of injuries involving text-messaging pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists. Many of these cases involve scrapes, cuts and minor sprains from texters who have walked into lampposts, tripped over potholes or stumbled over curbs. More serious accidents, however, have included traffic fatalities linked to text messaging.

There are times when it’s best to turn off the iPhone. A thunderstorm is one of those times. We often hear people joke about being “struck by lightning,” but those who have actually been struck and who were lucky enough to survive will tell you it’s not funny at all.

A cell phone won’t attract lightning the way a tall tree does, but if a thunderbolt does hit a tall tree, it might also contact the metal of a nearby electronic device.

Friday the 13th is not the only day to exercise caution and common sense when it comes to the use of smartphones. Bad luck can be averted anytime by just putting down the cell phone while you are driving or walking.

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