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Art will bring character to downtown Johnson City

Staff Report • Mar 16, 2012 at 8:40 AM

Some time back, we noted in an editorial that the simplest ideas are often the best when it comes to beautifying public spaces. Things like planting indigenous wildflowers, picking up litter and removing weeds from landscaped areas are both effective and inexpensive ways to make these spaces more inviting.

There are also other ways to make public spaces more aesthetically pleasing, such as introducing art into these areas. As Press staff writer Gary B. Gray reported earlier this week, city commissioners have given their blessings to a plan by the Johnson City Public Art Committee to allow artists to show their work in some unlikely places around the city.

This is a concept that helps to make an area unique and charming.

Some of the public art in Johnson City might be utilitarian sculptures that would double as bike racks, trash receptacles and water fountains. Other pieces could celebrate the natural beauty of the area, or help tell the history of the city. Whatever form this art takes, it would be a treasured amenity in a city that desperately needs public art.

You can learn more about Johnson City’s plans for public art by emailing pwadmin@johnsoncitytn.org, or by calling 434-6080.

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