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More than 1,300 degrees were bestowed at ETSU's fall 2011 commencement

Staff report • Mar 12, 2012 at 10:06 AM

East Tennessee State University conferred some 1,300 degrees in two fall commencement ceremonies, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, on Dec. 17. Both August and December graduates are included in the fall exercises.

Graduating students Nathan Hatfield of Elizabethton, Anamarie Lewis of Huntsville, Ala., Monica Perry of Kingsport and Matthew Sams of Hampton achieved perfect 4.0 grade point averages during their undergraduate careers. The names of everyone who graduated appear below:


Afton: Bronson Dean, Bachelor of Science; Matthew L. Ellenburg, Bachelor of Business Administration

Alcoa: James E. Sauceman, Master of Business Administration

Antioch: Andrew T. Kidd, Master of Business Administration

Athens: Ujesh S. Patel, Bachelor of Business Administration; Caroline A. Tindell, Bachelor of Science; Caitlin B. Trew, Bachelor of Science

Baneberry: Christy G. Arnold, Bachelor of Science

Baxter: Bradley K. Maxwell, Bachelor of Science

Bean Station: Jordan M. Blankenship, Bachelor of Science; Tony L. Dalton, Doctor of Education; Jessica N. Stanley, Bachelor of Science

Blountville: Brittney Blizard, Bachelor of Business Administration; Travis Brooks, Master of Business Administration; Arnold L. Dixon, Bachelor of Arts; Holly C. Hughes, Master of Professional Studies; Whitney R. Jennings, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Amanda M. Kelly, Bachelor of Science; Tara L. Looney, M.S. in Nursing; Amanda M. Oliver, B.S. in Nursing; Ashley M. Poole, B.S. in Nursing; Kevin C. Reaves, Master of Fine Arts; Amanda N. Smith, B.S. in Education; Jeremy N. Williams, Bachelor of Science; Bart A. Wood, Bachelor of Science

Bluff City: Amanda L. Aubrey, M.A. in Liberal Studies; Melissa B. Bunch, Bachelor of Science; Amanda E. Greene, Doctor of Education; Deenia S. Hurd, B.S. in Education; Jessica L. Keck, Bachelor of Science; Melissa A. Loveless, Doctor of Education; Susan F. Luna, Certificate in Business Administration; Don L. McCarty, Master of Arts; Brittany S. Mitchell, Master of Arts; Casey L. Morrell, Bachelor of Science; Karen D. Reach, Doctor of Education; Micah A. Salyer, Bachelor of Arts; Scotty Woodlief, Bachelor of Science; Kristin Wynegar, Bachelor of Science

Bristol: Sharon J. Anderson, B.S. in Nursing; Jeffrey L. Beverly, Bachelor of Science; Michael D. Boling, Bachelor of Arts; Lindsey B. Bowers, B.S. in Nursing; Stephanie P. Campbell, Bachelor of Arts; Sandra J. Cole, Bachelor of Science; Trisha Conn, Bachelor of Science; Jameson D. Cross, B.S. in Education; Michael T. Dale, Master of Business Administration; Jared E. Day, Doctor of Education; Kelly L. Drum, Master of Arts; Jason D. Fleenor, Bachelor of Science; Sara E. Hall, Bachelor of Science; Magdaline A. Hatzikazakis, Bachelor of Science; Diandra Hicks, Bachelor of Social Work; Krystle N. Hilst, Bachelor of Science; Mary E. Hobbs, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Thaddeus H. Jablonski, Master of Public Administration; Shelly R. Jones, Master of Accountancy; George W. Linke, Master of Science; Stephenie B. Maiden, B.S. in Education; Jacqueline N. McCartt, Bachelor of Social Work; Erin C. McGregor, Bachelor of Arts; Erin C. McGregor, Bachelor of Science; Christina M. Moody, Bachelor of Science; Rachel Y. Nester, Bachelor of Arts; Courtney D. Netherland, Doctor of Philosophy; Miles J. Nidiffer, Master of Business Administration; Malisa M. Overbey, Certificate in Family Nurse Practitioner; Hunter E. Perry, Bachelor of Business Administration; Joseph L. Powers, Bachelor of Science; Michael R. Ragan, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Tabatha S. Rochell, B.S. in Nursing; Joshua D. Rose, Bachelor of Business Administration; Heather A. Scragg, Bachelor of Science; Natasha E. Snyder, Bachelor of Arts; Summer D. Stanley, Bachelor of Science; Amelia S. Thomas, Bachelor of Science; Deanna S. Thomas, Bachelor of Business Administration; Timothy E. Valentine, Certificate in Entrepreneurial Leadership; Rasika P. Venkataraman, Bachelor of Business Administration; Elizabeth Widner, Bachelor of Social Work; John F. Williams, Master of Science; Alicia N. Wycoff, Bachelor of Science

Bulls Gap: Katherine Sellers, B.S. in Nursing; Daniel K. Sutton, B.S. in Environmental Health

Butler: David S. South, Master of Education

Caryville: Casey E. Stooksbury, B.S. in Nursing

Chattanooga: Paige E. Estelle, B.S. in Nursing; Yan Gao, B.S. in Nursing; Pratik D. Govan, Bachelor of Business Administration; James L. Jones, Bachelor of Arts; Amy M. Menerick, Master of Accountancy; Meliah G. Smith, B.S. in Education; Jennifer B. Traynor, Bachelor of Social Work; Jeanette A. Wilson, B.S. in Nursing

Chuckey: Timothy N. Dotson, Bachelor of Science; Thomas A. Gilliam, Bachelor of Science; James P. Johnson, B.S. in Education; Rebecca M. McCurry, B.S. in Nursing; Krystal McMillan, Bachelor of Arts; Angela A. Phillips, M.S. in Nursing; Cortni Teague, B.S. in Education

Church Hill: Amber L. Collins, Bachelor of Science; Christopher A. Dean, Master of Accountancy; Teressa A. Dobbs, Education Specialist; Lucinda R. Egan, Master of Education; Joyce L. Henson, M.S. in Nursing; Matthew P. Jones, Bachelor of Science; Mikella B. Maine, M.S. in Nursing; Karissa A. Manis, Bachelor of Arts; Sarah E. Owens, Bachelor of Science; Jason L. Rockwell, B.S. in Nursing; Ashley D. Rountree, Bachelor of Science; Tonya A. Thomas, B.S. in Nursing; Lucas S. Wade, Master of Education

Clairfield: Felicia N. Lambdin; Bachelor of Arts

Clarksville: Natalie J. Aquino, Master of Accountancy; Kyle G. Berry, Master of Accountancy; Leena M. Patel, Bachelor of Science; Danielle R. Reeder, Bachelor of Science; Zachary A. Rohr, Bachelor of Science; Justin Sanders, Master of Business Administration

Cleveland: James W. Bynum, Master of Professional Studies; Shawn S. Godbee, B.S. in Nursing; Therese L. Murphy, M.S. in Nursing

Clinton: Ashley S. Brummitt, B.S. in Nursing; Jessica L. Hackworth, Master of Arts; Elizabeth G. Hampton, Bachelor of Science; Christopher A. Ledford, Bachelor of Science; Madison S. Milligan, Bachelor of Science; Linda K. Williams, Master of Business Administration

Columbia: Joy M. Cole, Bachelor of Science

Cookeville: Jessica A. Long, B.S. in Nursing; Shawn D. Wilson, Bachelor of Business Administration; Amber C. Wood, B.S. in Nursing

Cordova: Ryland G. Chambliss, Bachelor of Business Administration

Corryton: Kevin T. Cole, Bachelor of Science; Micah L. Glafenhein, Bachelor of Science; Marguerite A. Saint-Louis, Bachelor of Science

Cosby: Nathan C. Thomas, Bachelor of Business Administration; Nicole D. Waddell, Certificate in Forensic Document Analysis

Crossville: Trevor R. Davis, Bachelor of Business Administration; Amanda K. Hall, B.S. in Nursing; Addie R. Roberts, Bachelor of Science; Kimberly D. Taylor, Master of Accountancy

Dandridge: Chris J. Cutshall, B.S. in Nursing; Joseph W. Denton, Master of City Management; Kelly A. Farrar, Bachelor of Fine Arts; Charles E. Harbin, Bachelor of Science; Brittany L. Harrison, B.S. in Education; Cynthia G. Meadows, M.S. in Nursing; Martha H. Murray, Doctor of Education

Dickson: Timothy J. Pass, Bachelor of Science

Elizabethton: Elizabeth M. Austin, Bachelor of Science; Travis D. Bailey, Bachelor of Social Work; Diana L. Ballew, Bachelor of Arts; Sarah Burgoyne, Bachelor of Science; Kevin D. Crowe, Certificate in Business Administration; Leslie K. Dauksch, B.S. in Nursing; Robert B. Davenport, Bachelor of Business Administration; Joshua D. Ellis, Bachelor of Science; Jackie Everhardt, Master of Education; Maria Raquel Fratta Bordon, Master of Public Administration; Robin Y. Freeman, B.S. in Nursing; Holly M. Fuller, B.S. in Nursing; Brittiney P. Greene, Bachelor of Science; Annika S. Hampton, Master of Public Administration; Whitney A. Hankins, Bachelor of General Studies; Jessica D. Harding, B.S. in Nursing; Nathan W. Hatfield, Bachelor of Science; Jacob M. Hathaway, Bachelor of Business Administration; Jeannie Hill, Bachelor of Arts; Rachel L. Horton, Bachelor of Business Administration; Nathaniel Howell, Bachelor of Science; Steven T. Hyder, Bachelor of Business Administration; Jerry L. James, Bachelor of Business Administration; Weston L. Jeffers, Bachelor of Science; James M. Johnson, Master of Science; Danielle J. Jones, Bachelor of Social Work; Leeann S. King, Bachelor of Social Work; Cortnie J. Letterman, B.S. in Nursing; Brandi M. Lingerfelt, Bachelor of Science; Jennifer D. Love-Norris, B.S. in Nursing; Charles M. Lyon, Bachelor of Business Administration; Katie Lyons, B.S. in Education; Whitney B. McClure, Bachelor of Social Work; Whitney B. McClure, Bachelor of Social Work; Brad A. McNeil, B.S. in Environmental Health; Robin W. Montgomery, Master of Business Administration; Aprile Moreno, B.S. in Nursing; Jessica M. Moss, Master of Accountancy; Barbara L. Nave, B.S. in Nursing; Tia S. Nave, B.S. in Education; Rebecca L. Odom, Bachelor of Science; Natalie R. Perry, Bachelor of Arts; Jarred M. Pierce, B.S. in Environmental Health; Stephanie P. Pierce, Bachelor of Science; Robert A. Reburn, Bachelor of Science; Heather N. Rogers, B.S. in Nursing; Sally L. Sandker, Bachelor of Science; Jennifer D. Snodgrass, Master of Arts; Jeanette L. Statzer, B.S. in Nursing;

Holly M. Stauffer, B.S. in Education; Robin E. Swain, Master of Arts; Kelly R. Swiderski, Bachelor of Social Work; Nathaniel D. Treadway, Bachelor of Science; Whitney R. Vines, Bachelor of Science; Julie N. Waters, Bachelor of Social Work; Amanda White, B.S. in Nursing; Tyler Williams, Bachelor of Business Administration

Englewood: Katelyn M. Vinson, Bachelor of Arts

Erwin: Amy L. Bailey, Master of Business Administration; Jerod S. Bailey, Bachelor of Science; Tiffany R. Baucom, Bachelor of General Studies; Bobby D. Brandenburg, Master of Accountancy; Mark Compton, Master of Fine Arts; John R. Corn, Master of Science; Whitney D. Evely, Master of Arts; Lindsey J. Harris, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Charlona B. Johnson, B.S. in Nursing; Jeremy L. Lincoln, Bachelor of Science; Tracy A. Pate, Bachelor of Science; Veronica Richardson, Bachelor of Science; Crystal M. Smallwood, Bachelor of Science; Michael R. Whitson, Bachelor of Business Administration; Elizabeth C. Williams, Master of Arts

Estill Springs: Lindsey G. Linerode, B.S. in Nursing

Etowah: Amanda H. England, B.S. in Nursing

Fall Branch: Jessica B. Denton, Master of Business Administration; LaDonna J. Hilton, Master of Professional Studies; Kimberly M. Phelps, B.S. in Environmental Health; Nathan C. Wampler, Bachelor of Fine Arts

Flag Pond: Amy M. Blaine, Master of Business Administration; Christina D. Brayton, Master of Education; Christina D. Brayton, Master of Education; Kenneth S. Loveday, Bachelor of Science

Franklin: Jamie L. Allen, Bachelor of Science; Ryan D. Dooley, Bachelor of Business Administration; Nicholas A. Trama, Bachelor of Business Administration; Meredith G. Watkins, Bachelor of Science

Friendsville: Samuel A. Kersten, Bachelor of Science

Gallatin: Julie G. Brown, Certificate in Archival Studies

Georgetown: Kevin J. Eschette, Bachelor of Science

Goodlettsville: Victoria G. Highfill, Bachelor of Arts

Gray: Timothy B. Bailey, Bachelor of Science; Candace Barnett, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science; Jaima G. Brown, M.S. in Nursing; Derrick Byrd, Master of Business Administration; Jennifer A. Campbell, Doctor of Education; Kimberly G. Chapman, B.S. in Education; Cody T. Davis, Bachelor of Science; Amanda Diaz, B.S. in Nursing; Caryn M. Durbin, Bachelor of Science; Randi L. Duty, Bachelor of Science; Jerad E. Elam, Bachelor of Science; Melanie L. Francisco, B.S. in Nursing; Donna D. Gage, Master of Professional Studies; Allison L. Gardenhour, Doctor of Education; Hyojung A. Han, Bachelor of Science; Grover Hickman, Bachelor of General Studies; Brandon M. Horne, Master of Business Administration; Christopher G. Johnson, Bachelor of Business Administration; Kelly A. Johnson, Bachelor of Arts; Crystal A. Lyons, B.S. in Education; Brandy L. McCullough, Bachelor of Business Administration; Greg J. McInturff, Master of Business Administration; Tanya L. McInturff, Master of Business Administration; Robert G. Morgan, Bachelor of Business Administration; Fahren R. Neff, Bachelor of Science; Mark D. Persons, Bachelor of Business Administration; Kimberly H. Qualls, M.S. in Nursing; Samantha C. Rametta, Bachelor of Arts; Megan P. Roop, Bachelor of Science; Trazel D. Silvers, Bachelor of Science; Katharyn M. Sloan, Bachelor of Science; Rachel M. Smith, B.S. in Education; Alison L. Sprouse, Bachelor of Science; James L. Teixeira, Master of Allied Health; Teresa T. Turner, B.S. in Dental Hygiene; Gina Valenti, Master of Arts; Thomas H. Whittaker, Bachelor of Business Administration; Ashley J. Williams, Bachelor of Arts; Logan G. Williams, Bachelor of Business Administration; Farol E. Wiltermood, Bachelor of Arts

Greeneville: Jonathan E. Bowers, Bachelor of Applied Science; Lindsay E. Carter, Bachelor of Science; Sarah E. Clark, Bachelor of Arts; Benjamin R. Conner, Bachelor of Business Administration; Henry J. Cronin, Master of Business Administration; Matthew P. Crum, Master of Science; Kathryn E. Crumm, Doctor of Education; Linsey D. Dean, B.S. in Nursing; Christopher A. Dykes, Bachelor of Arts; Joshua C. Golden, Bachelor of Music; Alex Hatcher, Bachelor of Science; Eric L. Hawk, Bachelor of Science; Rachel A. Hickman, Bachelor of Business Administration; Margaret L. Holladay, Bachelor of Science; Heather M. Jackson, Bachelor of Science; Christopher L. Johnson, Bachelor of Business Administration; Andrew L. Kerr, Bachelor of Science; Kalyn D. Marshall, Bachelor of Science; Justin D. Mashburn, Bachelor of Science; Sandra D. McConnell, Bachelor of Business Administration; Aminda F. Miles, Bachelor of Arts; Ashley D. Million, Master of Education; Brandon G. Mitchell, Bachelor of Arts; Matthew Moore, Bachelor of Science; Liam Moskowitz, Bachelor of Science; Tyler A. Nix, Bachelor of Business Administration; Jeremiah Ormsbee, Bachelor of Business Administration; Adreana L. Parker, Master of Education; Brittany M. Pilon, B.S. in Nursing; Rachel C. Silvers, Master of Education; Mekindra R. Smithson, B.S. in Nursing; Jessica S. Southerland, B.S. in Education; Salome M. Velez, Bachelor of Social Work; Brandy N. White, B.S. in Nursing; Elissa Willis, Bachelor of Business Administration; Lenora A. Woods, Bachelor of Science; Alexis D. Zockoll, Bachelor of Science

Grimsley: Derek R. Pyle, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Hampton: Laurie J. Blackmon, Bachelor of General Studies; Kristi J. Davenport, Master of Arts; Anna E. Hurley, Master of Arts; Adam J. Miller, Master of Business Administration; Barbara H. Willis, Bachelor of Arts Hartford: William C. Pratt, Bachelor of Arts

Heiskell: Abbi R. McCawley, Bachelor of Business Administration

Hixson: Chelsea E. Clements, B.S. in Nursing; Blake N. Pelton, Bachelor of Business Administration

Jacksboro: Whitney J. Murray, Bachelor of Science

Jefferson City: Alex M. Beffrey, Bachelor of Science; Felisha R. Deane, Bachelor of Science; Morgan R. Meredith, B.S. in Nursing

Jellico: Christina M. Brookman, Bachelor of Science

Johnson City: Aaron R. Abernethy, Master of Science; Mary A. Addy, Master of Science; Brittany N. Adkins, Bachelor of Science; James L. Adkins, Bachelor of Science; Jonathan Adkins, Bachelor of Science; Benjamin D. Adrien, Bachelor of Arts; Mirian A. Akas, B.S. in Nursing; Tamer S. Akoury, Bachelor of Science; Julian M. Allen, Bachelor of Science; Alfred C. Anderson, Master of Business Administration; Alfred C. Anderson, Master of Business Administration; Nagesh R. Aragam, Doctor of Public Health; Christopher J. Archer, B.S. in Environmental Health; Juliane A. Armstrong, Bachelor of Science; Jessica D. Arnold, Bachelor of Science; Jessica E. Arnold, Bachelor of Arts; Jasen L. Bacon, Master of Arts; Jasen L. Bacon, Master of Arts; Angela R. Bailey, Bachelor of Science; Deborah R. Bailey, Master of Arts in Teaching; Jonathan D. Baker, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Robert J. Baldau, Master of Public Health; Mary K. Bales, B.S. in Nursing; Rodney Barnes, Master of Allied Health; Jonathan L. Barnett, Bachelor of Business Administration; Laura R. Barnett, Bachelor of Science; Chad W. Barrett, Bachelor of Science; Randi G. Bastian, Bachelor of Science; Daniel R. Berry, Master of Arts; Laesha Bewley, Bachelor of Science; Ashley Bishop, B.S. in Nursing; Jeffrey A. Bonnell, Master of Science; Caroline L. Boswell, B.S. in Education; Mindy P. Bowman, Bachelor of Social Work; Robert N. Branham, Bachelor of Science; Lane M. Britt, B.S. in Nursing; Courtney C. Brooks, Bachelor of Science; Adrienne J. Brown, Bachelor of Science; Amanda A. Brown, Bachelor of Science; Erin M. Brown, Bachelor of Science; Tiffany N. Brown, Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language and Master of Arts; Jessica J. Brumit, Bachelor of Business Administration; Jill L. Bumpus, Master of Arts; Mark C. Bunker, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Jessica N. Burnett, B.S. in Nursing; Jordon A. Caldwell, Bachelor of Science; Joshua N. Campbell, Bachelor of Science; Francis Canedo, Bachelor of Business Administration; Sarah L. Carder, Bachelor of Science; Kelly E. Carlson, Bachelor of Science; Nathan G. Carman, Bachelor of Science; Cathy S. Carter-Bisner, Bachelor of Social Work; Dennis R. Carver, Bachelor of Business Administration; Karen M. Carver, B.S. in Nursing; Samantha E. Caughey, Bachelor of Business Administration; Erin M. Chambers, Master of Business Administration; Lincoln N. Chandler, Bachelor of Business Administration; Bridget F. Chandley, Bachelor of Science; Danielle N. Chapman, Bachelor of Science; Jamye D. Charles, Bachelor of Business Administration; Pavan Chandra Chigurupati, Master of Science; Victor D. Chol, Master of Public Administration; Samuel P. Church, Bachelor of Arts; Stacie L. Clark, Bachelor of Science; Jennifer E. Clements, Master of Business Administration; Donald W. Coble, Bachelor of Science; Jonathan V. Colangione, Bachelor of Business Administration; Sarah H. Collier, Master of Education; Jill Collins, Master of Business Administration; Katherine Combs, Master of Arts; Matthew Combs, Master of Education; Emily J. Copp, Bachelor of Business Administration; Mckelia S. Cotton, Bachelor of Science; Sheridan N. Crockett, Master of Arts; Cheryl L. Crowe, Bachelor of General Studies; Kevin E. Cummins, Master of Science; Brandon L. Cutshall, Bachelor of Science; Sumati Dadkar, Master of Public Health; Jedediah E. Dahl, Master of Business Administration; Vijaykumar Damarla, Master of Public Health; Anna L. Daniel, B.S. in Nursing; Joshua R. Davidson, Bachelor of Science; Christina D. Deakins, B.S. in Nursing; Jacqueline D. Deck, Bachelor of Science; Ben E. Dewitt, Bachelor of Business Administration; Harold D. Dillon, Master of Business Administration; Michael J. Dodge, Bachelor of Science; Paige A. Donaldson, Master of Public Administration; Andrew O. Donovan, Bachelor of Arts; Megan S. Eads, Bachelor of Business Administration; Ashley L. Eaton, B.S. in Nursing; Shelby K. Eccles, Master of Arts; Jared Edmonds, Bachelor of Science; Jeffrey H. Ellison, Master of Arts; Alicia S. Emery, Bachelor of Science; Cihan Eroglu, Master of Science; Gregory A. Evans, Bachelor of Business Administration; Heather L. Evans, Bachelor of Science; Laura Feathers, Bachelor of Arts; Michael V. Feathers, Bachelor of Science; Amanda Fenner, Master of Arts; Erin J. Ferris, Certificate in Epidemiology; Kathryn R. Fleetwood, Bachelor of Arts; Thomas E. Flynn, Master of Education; Brandi N. Forbes, Master of Accountancy; Matthew S. Ford, Bachelor of Business Administration; Tiffany M. Ford, Bachelor of General Studies; Tracy L. Garside, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Jason R. Giles, Bachelor of Science; Toria A. Gilewala, Bachelor of Science; Eleanor G. Gingrich, B.S. in Nursing; Paula Giovanetti, Bachelor of Fine Arts; Alexis R. Gresham, Bachelor of Business Administration; Johnny J. Grindstaff, Bachelor of Science; Christopher R. Hackney, Bachelor of Science; Thomas C. Hampton, Bachelor of Business Administration; Charles E. Haskins, Master of Fine Arts; Dustin D. Hatfield, Bachelor of Science; Kristen L. Hawkins, Bachelor of Fine Arts; Laura B. Hedrick, Bachelor of Arts; Erika R. Henry, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Lynn A. Hiestand, B.S. in Nursing; Pamela E. Higgins, Master of Arts; Kittye K. Hirsch, Bachelor of Science; Nathan R. Hitchcock, B.S. in Nursing; Tiffany Hogan, Master of Arts; Jennifer A. Hoit, Master of Education; Cindy R. Holmes, Master of Science; Kelly L. Holtzhausen, Bachelor of Science; Mir A. Hossain, Master of Science; John E. Howard, Bachelor of Science; Jan E. Hubbard, B.S. in Nursing; Tommy G. Hubbard, Bachelor of Business Administration; Edwin Huggins, Bachelor of Science; Leslie A. Hughes, Bachelor of Science; Habiba Hurem, Bachelor of Applied Science; Bethanie S. Hyatt, Bachelor of Arts; Kirika Iba, Bachelor of Science; Taylor A. Isgrig, B.S. in Nursing; Yasmin A. Jaddua, Master of Arts; Spenser D. Jarvis, Bachelor of Business Administration; Stanley M. Jing, Master of Science; Audrey M. Jones, B.S. in Nursing; Marcheta R. Jones, Bachelor of Social Work; Leslie M. Joslin, B.S. in Nursing; Alexander Kamasah, Master of Science; Daniel J. Keithan, Bachelor of Science; Andrew P. Kelley, Certificate in Business Administration; Susan R. Kellogg, Bachelor of Science; Jason A. Kennedy, Bachelor of Science; Payal Khanna, B.S. in Nursing; Abigail G. Kietzman, B.S. in Nursing; Aaron M. Kimsey, Bachelor of Business Administration; Aaron M. King, Master of Business Administration; Andrew B. King, Bachelor of Science; Jonathan R. King, Bachelor of Science; Douglas D. Klaras, B.S. in Nursing; Suzanna L. Kulikowski, Bachelor of Science; Shayna S. Kyle, Bachelor of Arts; Heather M. Lafleche, Bachelor of Arts; Brian D. Lafon, Master of Business Administration; Jude C. Lakbub, Master of Science; Lisa Lange, Bachelor of Arts; Allison L. Langrel, M.S. in Nursing; Ryen Lapham, Bachelor of Science; Whitney C. Lau, Master of Science; Phillip M. Leroy-Beaulieu, Bachelor of Science; Josiah J. Leuenberger, Master of Arts; Jennifer K. Lewis, M.S. in Nursing; Hui Li, Master of Accountancy; Jessica B. Lindsey, B.S. in Nursing; Leslie C. Little, Bachelor of Science; Kayla M. Lofquest, Bachelor of Science; Ronald Long, Bachelor of General Studies; Andrea R. Lowery, Master of Education; Lance C. Lowery, Master of Public Administration; Whitney R. Lyons, Bachelor of Science; Kevin B. Manuel, Bachelor of Science; Laura S. Martin, B.S. in Nursing; Alyssa M. Martineau, Bachelor of Science; Nicholas G. Matera, Bachelor of Science; Joshua P. Matherly, Bachelor of Business Administration; Vernon G. Mauck, Bachelor of Business Administration; Jennifer D. Maupin, Master of Education; Gareth T. McAllister, Bachelor of Science; Levi McCleary, Master of Arts; Grace O. McCord, Bachelor of Science; Christina N. McCray, B.S. in Nursing; Jessica L. McCroskey, M.A. in Liberal Studies;

Thelma D. McGowan, Master of Arts; Rebecca S. McKinney, Bachelor of Science; Sarah McKinney, B.S. in Nursing; Kirk J. McLaughlin, B.S. in Nursing; Robert W. McMillan, Bachelor of Science; Benjamin L. McMurry, Master of Science; Cheryl Medley, Bachelor of Science; Justin D. Meredith, Bachelor of Science; Aletha S. Meyer, Bachelor of Arts; Sylvia H. Middlemas, Bachelor of Arts; Heather Miller, Bachelor of Science; Jerry W. Miller, Bachelor of Social Work; Lucas S. Mink, Bachelor of Business Administration; Angela D. Minnis, Bachelor of Arts; Gina M. Minx, B.S. in Nursing; Larry W. Moody, Bachelor of Science; James B. Moreland, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Johnett D. Motko, Bachelor of Science; Jerald E. Mullersman, Master of Public Health; Daniel A. Mutispaugh, Bachelor of Business Administration; Breana C. Nease, Master of Arts; Paul C. Nease, Master of Arts; Kelli Nelson, Master of Arts; Chasity S. Norris, Master of Arts; Ashley D. Norwood, Bachelor of Arts; Diana P. Ochoa Lozano, Certificate in Health Care Management; Diana P. Ochoa Lozano, Master of Science; Marcianne O'Day, Bachelor of Science; Kathleen R. Osborn, Master of Arts; Marian Osei-Mensah, Master of Science; Giniyat A. Ousso, B.S. in Nursing; Colin S. Palmer, Bachelor of Science; Karishma K. Parag, Bachelor of Business Administration; JooHye Park, Bachelor of Fine Arts; Cristin M. Patterson, Master of Arts; Kathryn M. Pattillo, B.S. in Education; Linsey K. Paullin, Master of Business Administration; Linsey K. Paullin, Master of Business Administration; Jeremy D. Payne, Bachelor of General Studies; Lauren Pealor, Bachelor of Science; Kuangyi Pei, Master of Arts; Donald N. Peppers, Bachelor of Science; Christina C. Pereira, M.S. in Nursing; Hannah L. Perkins, B.S. in Nursing; Nancy A. Perkins, Master of Arts; Steven M. Perkins, Master of Arts; Fain A. Perrin, Bachelor of Science; Kimberly F. Perry, Bachelor of Science; Yanai E. Peugh, Bachelor of Arts; Timothy J. Pharis, Bachelor of Science; Deborah S. Phelps, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Jan R. Ponder, Master of Business Administration; Antibe Pouliwe, Master of Science; Quillan R. Price, Bachelor of Science; Leslie H. Raby, B.S. in Nursing; Sucheta Raghavendra, Master of Public Health; Joshua C. Rairigh, Bachelor of Science; Srikanth Ravoori, Master of Public Health; Kristopher O. Render, Bachelor of Science; Brenna L. Reppert, Bachelor of Science; Joshua D. Reppert, Bachelor of Science; Chad M. Ricker, Master of Science; Jared T. Riddle, Bachelor of Business Administration; Emily C. Robbins, Bachelor of Science; Chase A. Robinette, Bachelor of Business Administration; Benjamin K. Ronoh, Bachelor of Science; Eric W. Ross, Bachelor of Science; Dora J. Rushing, Master of Arts; David Ryan, Master of Arts; Sara L. Samples, Bachelor of Business Administration; Matthew L. Sams, Bachelor of Science; Cierra A. Sauls, Master of Arts; Melinda D. Sawyer, Bachelor of Science; Kaitlyn E. Schrick, Bachelor of Arts; Brian G. Schwartz, Bachelor of Science; Andrew M. Scott, Bachelor of Fine Arts; Jessica L. Scott, Master of Arts; Tiffany B. Scott, B.S. in Education; Karen M. Seaver, Master of Education; Dylan A. Sexton, Bachelor of Science; Marjorie M. Shaefer, Master of Arts; Sarah A. Sharp, Bachelor of Science; Misty D. Shelton, B.S. in Nursing; Caleb P. Shimberg, Bachelor of Science; Sarah T. Shirley, Bachelor of Business Administration; Samuel D. Siebo, Bachelor of Science; Thilini Silva, M.S. in Environmental Health; Emily J. Skelly, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Brittany J. Smith, Bachelor of Science; Diana M. Smith, Bachelor of Social Work; Joel M. Smith, Bachelor of General Studies; Kani M. Smith, B.S. in Nursing; Matthew C. Smith, Bachelor of Science; Sharvis M. Smith, Bachelor of Music; Scott Snapp, Bachelor of Science; Matthew B. Stanley, Master of Accountancy; Gregory B. Stone, Master of Accountancy; Meghan E. Stout, Bachelor of Science; Haley N. Strachn, Bachelor of Science; Megan K. Stuart, B.S. in Nursing; Tong Sun, Bachelor of Science; Yuxi Sun, Bachelor of Science; Christopher M. Sweeney, Bachelor of Science; Zachary Taylor, Bachelor of Arts; Junior Tayou, Master of Science; Romual E. Tchouta, Master of Accountancy; Douglas D. Terrill, Bachelor of Science; Susan J. Tesneary, Bachelor of Business Administration; Sara K. Tester, Master of Arts; Christopher S. Thedy, Bachelor of Arts; Shawna Thomason, Bachelor of Science; Philip A. Thompson, Bachelor of Science; Samuel W. Thompson, Bachelor of Business Administration; Priscilla A. Tiffany, Bachelor of Social Work; Amanda J. Tipton, B.S. in Nursing; Elizabeth S. Tipton, Bachelor of Science; Rachael G. Tocci, Master of Education; Mary E. Van Huss, Bachelor of Social Work; Kayla C. Vance, Bachelor of Science; Samantha K. Vandyke, Bachelor of Science; James Wampler, Bachelor of Arts; Robert E. Watterson, Bachelor of Science; Laura E. Wedel, Bachelor of Business Administration; Holly M. Whitt, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Cassandra L. Williams, B.S. in Nursing; Diana M. Williams, B.S. in Nursing; Garret R. Williams, Bachelor of Business Administration; Karen T. Williams, Bachelor of Social Work; Stacy L. Williams, Bachelor of Social Work; Vincent S. Williams, Doctor of Education; Emily A. Willis, Bachelor of Arts; Chasity J. Wilson, Bachelor of Arts; Jason S. Wilson, Master of Business Administration; Hao Wu, Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language; Wendi M. Yates, B.S. in Nursing; Joannes P. Yuh, Master of Science; Yongli Zou, Bachelor of Science

Jonesborough: Whitney A. Babel, Master of Business Administration; Melissa M. Barnett, B.S. in Nursing; Jesse C. Barnhill, Master of Arts; Brett D. Bradley, B.S. in Nursing; Ginger R. Christian, Doctor of Education; MacKenzie A. Clark, Bachelor of Science; Michael E. Clark, Bachelor of Science; Crystal N. Coffey, B.S. in Nursing; Joshua L. Davis, Bachelor of Science; Kimberly R. Davis, B.S. in Nursing; Ian N. Deaderick, Bachelor of Science; Ryne C. Druery, Bachelor of Science; William P. Flanary, Bachelor of Science; Benjamin A. Floyd, B.S. in Nursing; Mary Ford, Bachelor of Science; Ruth A. Forrest, B.S. in Nursing; Emily R. Franklin, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Marjorie A. Gyles, Bachelor of Arts; Robert C. Hall, Master of Business Administration; Cara A. Harrell, B.S. in Nursing; Melanie N. Hart, Bachelor of Business Administration; Lauren E. Hatjioannou, B.S. in Nursing; Jessica L. Henley, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Ashley Hill, Bachelor of Science; Sandra D. Hughes, B.S. in Education; Amie N. Jarrett, M.S. in Nursing; Zachary Jenkins, Bachelor of Science; Erik W. Keup, Bachelor of Science; Claudia G. Lopez, M.S. in Nursing; Jarret Lynch, Bachelor of Science; Spencer C. Maden, B.S. in Nursing; Alison D. McCracken, Bachelor of Science; Bartholemew I. Mikitowicz, Master of Public Administration; Sherry L. Moore, Master of Arts; Samir S. Morani, Bachelor of Science; Jennifer G. Norris, Master of Science; Brandi Poore, B.S. in Education; Chen Qian, Bachelor of Business Administration; Christie A. Reining, B.S. in Nursing; Samantha D. Reynolds, Bachelor of Science; Austin K. Rhudy, Bachelor of Arts; Elizabeth M. Sheets, Bachelor of Science; Christinia Y. Smith, B.S. in Nursing; Kenneth S. Smith, Bachelor of Science; Jeromy B. Snider, Master of Business Administration; Jordan Spain, Bachelor of Business Administration; Tyler D. Stamper, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Christy D. Starnes, Master of Education; Scott A. Starnes, Doctor of Education; Andrea B. Tiller, B.S. in Nursing; Kelly L. Valdes Garcia, B.S. in Nursing; Mary Vines, B.S. in Education; Michele D. Williams, Master of Business Administration; Caitlin E. Wilson, Bachelor of Science

Kingsport: Kristi M. Al-Khateeb, B.S. in Nursing; Jerod W. Bachman, Bachelor of Science; Christopher B. Ball, Master of Science; Rachel D. Barger, Bachelor of Music; Jerry A. Becker, Bachelor of Science; Lana L. Becker, Doctor of Education; Kent A. Begley, Master of Business Administration; Meredith K. Bell, Bachelor of Arts; Julie Beyersdorf, Bachelor of Science; Kaylee V. Bishop, B.S. in Nursing; Matthew C. Blessing, Bachelor of Science; Cassie B. Blevins, Bachelor of Science; Amanda Brickey, Bachelor of Science; Jonathan D. Brooks, Master of Science; Hope D. Bruner, Bachelor of Science; Bradley D. Buchanan, Bachelor of General Studies; Ashley B. Burgess, Bachelor of Science; Rodney A. Burton, Bachelor of Science; Megan M. Callahan, Certificate in Forensic Document Examination; John T. Chadwell, Master of Arts; Christopher C. Chafin, Bachelor of Science; James E. Chambers, Master of Arts; James A. Chapman, Master of Education; Heath M. Chastain, Bachelor of Business Administration; Casey M. Christian, Bachelor of Science; Melisha D. Christian, M.S. in Nursing; Whitney N. Cogburn, B.S. in Education; Nicholas B. Collette, Bachelor of Science; Carolyn E. Conerly, Bachelor of Social Work; Logan J. Cook, B.S. in Nursing; Andrew L. Cox, Bachelor of General Studies; Joshua B. Davis, Bachelor of Science; Melinda A. Douglas, B.S. in Nursing; Dustin M. Drake, Bachelor of Arts; Laura H. Eanes, Bachelor of Science; Ashley N. Edge, Bachelor of Science; Jacob M. Elkins, Bachelor of Science; James Endres, Bachelor of Fine Arts; Jamie R. English, Bachelor of Science; Sherrika B. Evans, B.S. in Nursing; Nehad Fawzy, Bachelor of Business Administration; Robin N. Floyd, B.S. in Nursing; Stephen L. Franklin, Bachelor of Science; Stephen B. Fuchs, Bachelor of Science; Edwin M. Galloway, Master of Arts; Henry D. Godsey, Bachelor of General Studies; Mariah G. Golden, Bachelor of Science; John D. Gregory, B.S. in Nursing; Theresa A. Groomes, B.S. in Nursing; Lindsey M. Hayes, Bachelor of Business Administration; Joel T. Hein, Master of Accountancy; John R. Hereford, Bachelor of Science; David M. Hewson, Bachelor of Science; Crystal N. Houchins, Bachelor of Science; Haley D. Isenberg, Bachelor of Business Administration; Kelly A. Jacobs, Bachelor of Science; Ryan Jarrett, Bachelor of Business Administration; Amy L. Karlsson, Master of Arts in Teaching; Andrew M. Kidd, Bachelor of Business Administration; Matthew P. Larkin, Bachelor of Business Administration; Lesia R. Lawrence, B.S. in Nursing; Melissa V. Layne, M.S. in Nursing; Jonathan M. Lemieux, Bachelor of Science; Logan L. Lewis, Bachelor of Business Administration; Michael R. Mabry, Bachelor of Science; Maxwell R. Mason, Bachelor of Fine Arts; Lisa M. McClain, Master of Accountancy; Carrie K. McKinney, Bachelor of Social Work; Leilah M. McMillian, Master of Education; Leigh Anne M. Michael, Bachelor of Business Administration; Joseph N. Michels, Master of Accountancy; James Miller, Bachelor of Science; Peter J. Mociran, Bachelor of Business Administration; Joshua M. Morelock, Bachelor of Science; Candice A. Morrell, Bachelor of Science; Whitley Nelson, Bachelor of Science; Josh O'Neal, Bachelor of Science; Jenny S. Page, Bachelor of Science; Theodore Palaske, Master of Business Administration; Lance R. Parsons, Bachelor of Business Administration; Timothy J. Peel, Bachelor of Science; Monica L. Perry, Bachelor of Science; Brian J. Pickett, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Brandon T. Poff, Bachelor of Science; Nadia K. Popper, Bachelor of Fine Arts; Susan P. Presnell, B.S. in Nursing; Mercedes L. Salyer, Bachelor of Business Administration; Brandie R. Short, Bachelor of Business Administration; Jessica R. Shuler, B.S. in Nursing; Michael P. Skeen, B.S. in Nursing; Tyler J. Smotherman, Bachelor of Applied Science; Michelle D. Snodgrass, M.S. in Nursing; James T. Springs, Bachelor of Social Work; Ashley M. Stanley, Doctor of Education; Sarah M. Stout, Bachelor of Arts; Allison L. Suits, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Martin R. Tant, Master of Science; Julie F. Tate, Master of Science; Sarah Taylor, Bachelor of Arts; Nicole M. Thomas, Bachelor of Science; Donnia J. Tillson, B.S. in Education; Christina D. Tootle, Bachelor of Science; Talisha E. Troutt, B.S. in Nursing; Adam R. Webb, Bachelor of Science; Darla J. Wells, Master of Social Work; Jenice L. Williams, Bachelor of Social Work; Adriana P. Wisdom, Bachelor of Science; Lacie D. Yon, Bachelor of Science

Kingston: Charles R. Brumley, Master of Science

Knoxville: Chase G. Anderson, Bachelor of General Studies; Brett D. Bailey, Bachelor of Science; Caryn L. Bartodej, Bachelor of Arts; Kayla M. Benner, Bachelor of Science; Zachary Berry, Bachelor of Science; Cathy L. Bingham, M.S. in Nursing; Benjamin M. Blanton, M.S. in Nursing; Patrick S. Boatright, Bachelor of Business Administration; Matthew L. Bowers, Master of Arts; Ajerico Brown, Bachelor of Science; Kristi L. Brown, M.S. in Nursing; Princess L. Brown, Bachelor of Science; Michael R. Broyles, Bachelor of Science; Mark R. Bryan, Master of Business Administration; Ashley Burris, Bachelor of Science; Rachel M. Clark, Bachelor of Science; Laura A. Cook, B.S. in Nursing; Stacey N. Coppock, Bachelor of Science; Amy E. Cox, Bachelor of Social Work; Sarah T. Crocker, Bachelor of Science; Alexandra J. Dawkins, Bachelor of Science; Jennifer R. Decker, Bachelor of General Studies; Nancy H. Everett, Bachelor of Social Work; Emily A. Fecco, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Alicia T. Flanery, Bachelor of Science; Marielle C. Folsom, Bachelor of Science; Jacob W. Fowler, Bachelor of Science; Brennan S. Glover, B.S. in Nursing; Steven L. Hall, Bachelor of Science; Jeffery A. Harmon, Bachelor of Science; Katie L. Haun, B.S. in Nursing; Jennifer M. Henry, B.S. in Nursing; John A. Hipsher, Bachelor of Business Administration; Danielle M. Hmielewski, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Kim M. Hoots, B.S. in Nursing; Benjamin S. Housley, Bachelor of Business Administration; Elizabeth B. Inman, B.S. in Nursing; Joshua C. Israel, B.S. in Nursing; Pauletta J. Johnson, Doctor of Education; Richard A. Joiner, Bachelor of Science; Kenneth L. Jordan, Bachelor of Business Administration; Joyce K. Kaye, M.S. in Nursing; Kristin D. Kirk, Bachelor of Science; Travis Z. Lakin, B.S. in Nursing; Ashleigh N. Lane, Bachelor of Business Administration; Andrew C. Lewis, Bachelor of Science; Ryan F. Lloyd, Bachelor of Business Administration; Brian W. Marsh, Master of Accountancy; Brittany C. Martin, Bachelor of Science; Samantha N. Martin, B.S. in Nursing; Lori A. Matherly-Dixon, Bachelor of Science; Kalinda N. McElroy, Bachelor of Arts; Melissa A. McFerran, B.S. in Nursing; Emily K. Miller, Bachelor of Science; Karyn L. Moon, Bachelor of Science; Christen E. Moseley, Bachelor of Science; Melissa A. Murrell, Bachelor of Science; Elisa L. Newman, Bachelor of Science; Emily N. Pace, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Jennifer B. Poteet, B.S. in Nursing; Daniel R. Potts, Bachelor of Science; Matthew S. Prazak, M.S. in Nursing; Jessie D. Reed, Bachelor of Science; Dustin J. Roberts, Bachelor of Arts; Khalid M. Sandal, Bachelor of Business Administration; Micah Sellew, B.S. in Nursing; Megan L. Shipley, Bachelor of Science; Benjamin M. Sirknen, Master of Business Administration; Lynne R. Sparrow, Master of Arts; Jennifer L. White, Certificate in Forensic Document Examination; Jennifer A. Wilkerson, M.S. in Nursing; Thomas R. Williams, Bachelor of Science; Courtney M. Wilson, B.S. in Nursing

Kodak: Jared Anders, Bachelor of Science; Whitney R. Ayers-Vickers, Bachelor of Science; Linda K. Tilson, Doctor of Education; Michael T. Vincent, Bachelor of Science; Eleana F. West, Bachelor of Science

LaFollette: Timothy J. Claiborne, B.S. in Nursing

Lebanon: Tyler W. Summers, Bachelor of Science; Christopher E. Trouy, Bachelor of Science

Lenoir City: Cory W. Fletcher, Bachelor of Science; Eric T. Fritts, Bachelor of Business Administration; Ana R. Zavala, B.S. in Nursing

Limestone: Jaime B. Keys, Bachelor of Business Administration; Joseph S. Liebers, Bachelor of Business Administration; Rita D. Lowery, B.S. in Nursing; Lillee H. Mason, Bachelor of Science; Jennifer L. Norton, B.S. in Nursing; Hawkins S. Snapp, Bachelor of Science

Linden: Elizabeth A. Paschall, M.S. in Nursing

Loudon: Amber M. Harness, Bachelor of Social Work; Kristen M. Reinhart, Bachelor of Science

Louisville: Carissa G. Mitchell, Doctor of Education; Alan Prigmore, Bachelor of Science; Jesse A. Wilkerson, Master of Accountancy

Madisonville: Brandon Keys, Bachelor of Science

Maryville: Elizabeth A. Caldwell, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Sharon K. Chambers, B.S. in Nursing; Rachel K. Dennison, Bachelor of Science; Joshua A. Elkins, Bachelor of Science; Robin L. Miller, B.S. in Dental Hygiene; Terry L. South, M.S. in Nursing

McDonald: Derek E. Stetzler, Bachelor of Science

McMinnville: Alana K. Bigford, Bachelor of Arts; Kristen Surles, Bachelor of Arts

Memphis: Charles E. Allen, Bachelor of Science; April M. Spence, Bachelor of Arts

Milligan College: Rebecca L. Burgner, Master of Education; Dresdan L. Kelly, Bachelor of Science; Kathy G. Ledford, Master of Accountancy; Kevin P. Leonard, Bachelor of Arts

Mohawk: Ryan S. Lawson, Bachelor of Science; Carey C. Williams, Bachelor of Science

Mooresburg: Rita L. Horton, Bachelor of Business Administration; Paxton L. Williams, Bachelor of General Studies

Morristown: Rebekah Arbaugh, Bachelor of Arts; Mariel Blair, Master of Education; Ralitsa B. Borisova, Master of Science; Ashley L. Cantwell, M.S. in Nursing; Sandra M. Dibble, Master of Business Administration; Angela L. Duvall, Bachelor of Science; Terra L. Haggard, Bachelor of Business Administration; Brent W. Kington, Bachelor of Science; Meylin K. Menjivar Andrade, Bachelor of Arts; Matthew G. Miles, Bachelor of Business Administration; Laura R. Rodriguez, Bachelor of Business Administration; Kathryn L. Schaffner, B.S. in Nursing; Russell M. Smith, Master of Business Administration; Ashley L. Thayer, B.S. in Nursing

Mosheim: Ben Hite, Bachelor of Business Administration; Amber Shell, Bachelor of Arts; Shannon R. Suttle, Master of Arts; Megan Swecker, Bachelor of Science

Mount Carmel: John G. Carney, Bachelor of Business Administration; Seth D. Elkins, Bachelor of Science; Holli N. Flettrich, Bachelor of Social Work; Michelle D. Harless, Doctor of Education; Jennifer S. Miller, B.S. in Nursing; Vivian E. Thacker, Bachelor of Business Administration; Timothy A. Wooten, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Mount Juliet: Thomas J. Shavor, Master of Public Health

Mountain City: Shana B. Atwood, B.S. in Nursing; Howard L. Carlton, B.S. in Nursing; Toni R. Payne, B.S. in Nursing; Jonathan L. Rainey, B.S. in Nursing; Joaquin Raventos, Certificate in Entrepreneurial Leadership; Joaquin Raventos, Master of Science; Mischelle G. Simcox, Doctor of Education; Gary E. Wills, Bachelor of Science

Mountain Home: Scott M. Davenport, Bachelor of Science; Larry C. Lesueur, B.S. in Nursing; Benjamin S. Thayer, Master of Allied Health

Murfreesboro: Caitlin A. Linkous, Bachelor of Arts

Nashville: Elizabeth B. Gorham, Master of Fine Arts; Caitlin P. McBride, Bachelor of Science

New Market: Amber R. Dotson, Bachelor of Science

Newport: Jacob L. Allen, Master of Science; Robin L. Borth, Bachelor of Science; Olivia H. Carver, B.S. in Education; Johnathan M. Hannon, Bachelor of Science; Ernest A. Lunsford, Bachelor of Science; Mollie R. Roberts, B.S. in Education; Dustin G. Seay, Bachelor of Science

Niota: Kelley R. Frye, Bachelor of Business Administration; Sean T. Swann, B.S. in Nursing

Norris: Lori J. Price, Doctor of Education

Oak Ridge: Scarlett R. Clark, Master of Business Administration; Mackenzie R. Hardt, Bachelor of Science; Emily G. Hevrdeys, B.S. in Education; Amber Owens, Bachelor of Arts; Amber Owens, Bachelor of Science

Oliver Springs: Brian S. Burnett, B.S. in Nursing; Miranda S. Conlon, Bachelor of Science

Oneida: Dyron S. Rector, Bachelor of Science

Ooltewah: Jessica N. Duncan, Bachelor of Science; Eric A. Henderson, Bachelor of Science; Aaron J. Ivey, Bachelor of Arts; Meghan L. Rechel, Bachelor of Science

Paris: Joshua D. Brazelton, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Parrottsville: Jacquelyn Newsome, B.S. in Nursing; Jessica R. Russell, Bachelor of Science

Philadelphia: Jeffrey M. Marlow, Bachelor of Science; Rachael L. Sheridan, Bachelor of Arts; Rachael L. Sheridan, Bachelor of Science

Pigeon Forge: Tommy M. Oakley, Bachelor of Arts

Piney Flats: Bradley A. Broyles, Bachelor of Science; Kimberly M. Coalson, Bachelor of Arts; Chelsea M. Cress, Bachelor of Arts; Jarred A. Dakin, Bachelor of Science; Jordan L. Dison, Bachelor of Science; Matthew A. Evans, Bachelor of Business Administration; Meagan V. Fisher, Master of Arts; Gable S. Hackett, Bachelor of Science; Jessica T. Johnson, Master of Education; Steven N. Johnson, Bachelor of Science; Jessica A. Malone, Bachelor of Science; Kerry A. O'Ferrall, Bachelor of Science; Sheila D. Reed, Bachelor of Science; Saundra K. Reynolds, Bachelor of Science; Tara V. Shirk, Bachelor of Science; Austin S. Taylor, Bachelor of Science; Ashley L. Tipton, Master of Education; John C. Williams, Bachelor of Arts

Powell: Heather M. Morris, Bachelor of Science; Walter J. Stucke, Master of Arts

Roan Mountain: Marcus V. Byrd, Bachelor of Science; Tiffany A. Harrald, Bachelor of Business Administration; Ericka L. Pritchard, Bachelor of Science; Ashley Timbs-Miller, Master of Arts; Emily E. Townson, Bachelor of Science; James W. Watson, M.A. in Liberal Studies; Daniel K. Winters, Bachelor of Science

Rogersville: Amber A. Anderson, Bachelor of Science; John J. Anderson, Bachelor of Science; Clarissa M. Bradley, Bachelor of Social Work; Andrea L. Brooks, B.S. in Nursing; Leah M. Conrad, Master of Accountancy; Matthew E. Elkins, Master of Business Administration; Trey L. Fields, Bachelor of Science; Chandra L. Hayes, Master of Education; Lora B. Hensley, B.S. in Nursing; Hannah C. Hunter, B.S. in Nursing; Steven B. Lawson, Bachelor of Business Administration; Nikki L. Manning, Doctor of Education; Jocelyn B. Michael, Bachelor of Social Work; Amber N. Oaks, Bachelor of Business Administration; Sharon L. Phillips, Bachelor of Arts; Brandon Rogers, B.S. in Environmental Health; Rolanda K. Ryans, Master of Education; Brooke L. Self, B.S. in Nursing; Andrew Webb, Bachelor of Business Administration; Derek A. Winkle, Master of Business Administration

Russellville: Michael T. Daniel, Bachelor of Science; Ashley A. McGhee, Master of Business Administration; Melinda S. Scott, Bachelor of Arts

Sevierville: Jacqueline B. Blackburn, B.S. in Nursing; Jillian L. Daniels, Bachelor of Business Administration; Justin D. Finchum, Bachelor of Science; Lori B. Goodin, Doctor of Education; Thomas J. Laughlin, Bachelor of Science; Daniel Loveday, Bachelor of Science; Patricia Parton, Doctor of Education; Chasity S. Reagan-Langman, Bachelor of General Studies; Melissa D. Reed, Master of Arts; Andrew Taylor, Bachelor of Science

Seymour: Andrea L. Baxley, B.S. in Nursing; Teresa L. Manis, Bachelor of Science; Brenda G. Mize, Doctor of Education; Donna L. Patty, Master of Professional Studies; Anna E. Wright, Bachelor of Science

Shady Valley: Amber D. Farley, Bachelor of Fine Arts

Sneedville: Jamie-Lee B. Marques, Bachelor of Science

Soddy Daisy: Bridget D. Hall, B.S. in Nursing

Speedwell: Heather R. Paciorek, B.S. in Nursing

Strawberry Plains: Shawn P. Ronaghan, B.S. in Nursing

Surgoinsville: Michele D. Armstrong, M.S. in Nursing; Jennifer M. Cassell, Master of Arts; Laura D. Walker, Bachelor of Science

Talbott: Edgar S. Gray II, Master of Accountancy

Tazewell: Meredith S. Bundren, Bachelor of Arts; Jeffrey A. Poore, Bachelor of Science

Telford: Seth W. Coffie, Bachelor of Business Administration; Kathryn M. Davis, Bachelor of Science; Loretta I. Edwards, Bachelor of Applied Science

Tullahoma: Ethan P. Robison, Bachelor of Arts

Unicoi: Jamie D. Harris, Master of Education; Jimmy B. Matthews, Bachelor of Science; Kerry L. Moore, Bachelor of Social Work; Lisa L. Richmond, Master of Social Work; Robin R. Rockwell, Bachelor of Science; Carol B. Sanders, M.S. in Nursing; Samuel P. Shafer, Bachelor of Science; Joshua S. Sneyd, Bachelor of Science

Walland: Timothy L. Surrency, Bachelor of Science

Watauga: Amanda D. Litz, B.S. in Nursing

White Pine: Crystal L. Benson, Bachelor of Science; Darrell L. Miller, Bachelor of Science; Daniel R. Tabor, B.S. in Nursing; Dee B. Tabor, Bachelor of Science

Whitesburg: Brenda J. Ford, Master of Arts

Whitwell: Ruthie McEntyre, Master of Arts


ALABAMA: Hoover: Alyssa Shedlarski, Bachelor of Science; Huntsville: Anamarie L. Lewis, B.S. in Dental Hygiene; Pell City: Brent M. Burke, Bachelor of Arts

ARIZONA: Phoenix: Ashley E. Culpepper, Bachelor of Science; Julie G. Desai, Master of Public Administration

ARKANSAS: Rogers: Lydia A. Palmer, B.S. in Dental Hygiene

COLORADO: Denver: J. Lorenzo Mitchell, Master of Science

DELAWARE: Seaford: Christopher J. Rehak, Bachelor of Science

FLORIDA: Bradenton: Victoria M. Swenson, Master of Arts; Clermont: Shawna Defriece, Bachelor of Science; Fleming Island: Frankie L. Hall III, Bachelor of Science; Fort Lauderdale: Shannelle J. Bain, Bachelor of Science; Miami: Weize Wang, Master of Arts; Saint Cloud: Rachel C. Roberts, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Temple Terrace: Gang Wei, Master of Accountancy

GEORGIA: Alpharetta: Corey L. Bailey, Bachelor of Science; Cleveland: Debbie Weston From, Master of Arts; Cumming: Vanessa L. Jones, B.S. in Dental Hygiene; Hinesville: Krystle N. Barton, Bachelor of Science; Rockmart: Brandy J. Henderson, B.S. in Dental Hygiene; Snellville: Di Liu, Bachelor of Business Administration

IDAHO: Mountain Home AFB: Ashley D. Davis, B.S. in Nursing

ILLINOIS: Mattoon: Tena Toews, M.A. in Liberal Studies; Vernon Hills: Rupesh M. Shirore, Master of Public Health

INDIANA: Columbus: Kiran S. Sonje, Master of Public Health

KENTUCKY: Fayette: Hannah C. Reynolds, Master of Arts; Lexington: Cornelius Ndi, Master of Science; Kolade O. Ojo, Master of Science; Louisville: Archana Racharla, Master of Science; Middlesboro: Eric L. Gray, B.S. in Environmental Health

MARYLAND: Baltimore: Whitney Vander Horst, B.S. in Nursing; Edgewood: John R. Haggerty, Master of Arts; Salisbury: C. Beth Ohlsson, Master of Arts; West River: Leah E. Needham, Bachelor of Fine Arts

MICHIGAN: China: Austin T. McMaken, M.A. in Liberal Studies

MISSOURI: Columbia: William M. Wilkey, Bachelor of Fine Arts; Kirksville: Tensel L. Sandker, Bachelor of Business Administration

NORTH CAROLINA: Arden: Brittany N. Willis, Bachelor of Arts; Asheville: Sarah A. Harris, Bachelor of Science; Martha K. McKemie, M.S. in Nursing; Bakersville: Amanda G. Greene, Master of Education; Wendy M. Jenkins, Master of Arts; Matthew A. McKinney, Bachelor of Business Administration; Ian R. Steidle, Bachelor of Arts; Banner Elk: Lindsey N. Myers, B.S. in Nursing; Lindsey Townsend, B.S. in Nursing; Burnsville: Jonathan R. Boone, Bachelor of Arts; Jeffrey A. Caudill, Bachelor of Science; Chelsea E. Elliott, Bachelor of Science; Meghan D. Fender, B.S. in Education; Lisa R. Hensley, Bachelor of Science; Tommy A. Thomas, Bachelor of Arts; Charlotte: Holly C. Munyan, Certificate in Forensic Document Examination; Crossnore: James D. Potter, B.S. in Nursing; Elk Park: Sunni L. Dearmin, Bachelor of Science; Chealssea J. Morris, Bachelor of General Studies; Erica Preswood, Master of Education; Neva S. Winters, Master of Science; Fleetwood: Megan E. Grubb, Bachelor of Science; Fletcher: Sara M. Soukup, M.S. in Nursing; Garner: Taft N. Bradley, Bachelor of Science; Greensboro: Jaclyn M. Smith, B.S. in Nursing; Hendersonville: Caitlin S. Tomski, B.S. in Education; Hickory: Keaton A. Miller, Bachelor of Science; Leland: Katelyn S. Kivett, Master of Arts; Mars Hill: Hannah M. Gaebler, B.S. in Nursing; Kathy A. Mackey, B.S. in Nursing; Landon C. Zink, Bachelor of Science; Marshall: Julianna L. Olup, M.S. in Nursing; Sarah E. Strom, B.S. in Nursing; Newland: Stephen B. Lacey, Bachelor of Science; Ocean Isle Beach: Kellie Ray, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Pineola: Kenneth H. Samuelson, Doctor of Education; Monet C. Samuelson, Doctor of Education; Seven Devils: Benjamin D. Austin, Master of Arts; Spruce Pine: James A. Lichtenhahn, Bachelor of Science; Brittany J. Williams, Master of Public Health; Stony Point: Barbara J. Hayes, M.S. in Nursing; Sugar Mountain: David H. Johnson, B.S. in Nursing; Summerfield: Jennifer M. Clayton, B.S. in Dental Hygiene; Warrensville: Amanda K. Lewis, Bachelor of Science; Wilmington: Bonnie M. McDonald, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Winston-Salem: Heather E. Hooks, Bachelor of Science

NORTH DAKOTA: Grand Forks: Vivian D. Koka, Master of Science

NEW MEXICO: Mesilla: Dorothy Q. Ormes, Master of Arts

OHIO: Hamilton: Sara N. Scobee, Bachelor of Science; Marysville: Tyler D. Williams, Bachelor of Arts; New Lebanon: Ethan M. Owens, Master of Arts; Xenia: Erin E. Lowe, Master of Science

OKLAHOMA: Edmond: Hiral D. Parekh, Master of Public Health

OREGON: Portland: Erin E. Erickson, B.S. in Dental Hygiene

PENNSYLVANIA: New Bethlehem: Corene M. Glotfelty, Certificate in Archival Studies; Pittsburgh: Frances Newman, Certificate in Rural Health; Frances Newman, Master of Arts; Donald K. Rhoton, Bachelor of Science

SOUTH CAROLINA: Greenville: Lauren M. Smith, B.S. in Nursing; Irmo: Elizabeth G. Livingston, Bachelor of Science

TEXAS: Cedar Park: Thomas J. Gair, Bachelor of Science; Frisco: Xiao Zhou Gao, Bachelor of Business Administration; Longview: Alexa Bass, Bachelor of Science

VIRGINIA: Abingdon: Joshua A. Berry, Bachelor of Science; Thomas S. Cupp, Bachelor of Science; Brittney A. Eberhardt, Bachelor of Science; Sarah Ellis, Bachelor of Arts; Chad A. Hall, Bachelor of Science; Erica P. Keen, B.S. in Nursing; Josie D. Minnigh, Bachelor of Science; Shauna N. Rhea, Bachelor of Science; Alexandria N. Schumaker, B.S. in Nursing; Derek C. Turner, Bachelor of Business Administration; Big Stone Gap: Callie M. McCarty, Bachelor of Arts; Blacksburg: Allison L. Gardner, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Bristol: Karter E. Baker, Bachelor of Business Administration; Jennifer R. Bennett-Norris, Master of Social Work; Keressa L. Clark, B.S. in Nursing; Brett M. Cook, Bachelor of Fine Arts; Robin M. Craig, Bachelor of Social Work; Kimberly D. Crosby, B.S. in Nursing; Shelly H. Dix, B.S. in Nursing; William J. Green, Bachelor of Music; Shae M. Hall, B.S. in Nursing; Joseph A. Hurd, Bachelor of Science; James K. Lewis, Bachelor of Business Administration; Kathryn L. Mingin, Bachelor of Business Administration; Kathryn L. Osborne, Bachelor of Science; Ricky L. Schultz, Bachelor of Science; Amanda L. Smith, Bachelor of Business Administration; Katrina C. Washington, Bachelor of Science; Castlewood: Sharon L. Jessee, M.S. in Nursing; Cedar Bluff: Alaina M. Asbury, B.S. in Environmental Health; Sydney M. Hogston, Bachelor of Science; Chilhowie: Dorothy S. Chapman, M.S. in Nursing; Travis C. Houck, Bachelor of Science; Cleveland: Morgan G. Wallace, Bachelor of Arts; Clintwood: Tauna F. Gulley, Doctor of Philosophy; Crockett: Valerie J. Yates, M.S. in Nursing; Damascus: Jennifer L. Connell, Bachelor of Science; Duffield: Crystal D. Calton, Bachelor of Science; Denny S. Hass, Bachelor of Science; Ewing: Gary D. McCann, Doctor of Education; Fieldale: Nicholas A. Alley, Bachelor of Science; Gainesville: Matt L. Rutherford, Master of Public Health; Gate City: Laura J. Begley, Bachelor of Business Administration; Amanda M. Broadwater, Bachelor of Science; Audra J. Fritz, Master of Arts; Jamie L. Hackney, Bachelor of Science; Emily L. McCarty, Bachelor of Science; Joseph S. Riner, Bachelor of Science; Glade Spring: Casey L. Mullins, Bachelor of Science; Michael J. Sheffield, Master of Arts; Grundy: Jordan R. Fleenor, Bachelor of Science; Hillsville: Abigail K. Burnette, Bachelor of Science; Hiltons: Brian A. Shaffer, Bachelor of Science; Honaker: Chance A. Dye, Bachelor of Science; Jonesville: Vickie S. Brown, Doctor of Education; Mary C. Molony, Bachelor of Fine Arts; Winston J. Terry, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Lebanon: Lara L. Rexrode, Bachelor of Science; Lynchburg: Tiffany J. Spencer, Bachelor of Science; Meadowview: Teresa T. Emerson, M.S. in Nursing; Cory M. Owens, Bachelor of Science; Matthew A. Smith, Bachelor of Science; Teresa E. Taylor, Master of Business Administration; Mechanicsville: Brian K. Shrader, Bachelor of Science; Nickelsville: Megan R. Sanders, Master of Arts; Norfolk: Paromita Bhattacharya, Master of Science; Pound: Tammy A. Branham, M.S. in Nursing; Julie K. Shortt, Master of Arts; Pounding Mill: Kyle B. Dye, Bachelor of Arts; Richlands: Madison McCall, Bachelor of Science; Swords Creek: Matthew L. Hayes, Bachelor of Science; Troutville: Mitchell L. Fochtman, Bachelor of Science; Wise: Aaron B. Lee, Bachelor of Science; Wytheville: Debra W. Wolford, Doctor of Education

VERMONT: Bradford: Winn A. Ketchum, Master of Science

WEST VIRGINIA: Shepherdstown: Paula F. Gordon, Doctor of Physical Therapy


AUSTRIA: Nina Muehl, Bachelor of Business Administration

CHINA: Dongying Yuanjing Qiu, Bachelor of Business Administration

FRANCE: Charles Bottoni, Bachelor of Business Administration

JAMAICA: Yordin A. Robinson, Bachelor of Business Administration

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