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Students protest synthetic drugs

Jennifer Sprouse • Feb 23, 2012 at 10:12 PM

Daniel Boone High School students rallied in protest of synthetic drug sales in Gray Thursday afternoon in response to recent incidents involving their peers.

A crowd of more than 30 students from Daniel Boone arrived in a parking lot near Ultimate Smoke around 3 p.m. and held poster boards while facing oncoming traffic on Bobby Hicks Highway.

“We’re out here today protesting synthetic drugs because it might be a fake drug, but it’s actually a real problem in the community,” said Charlsie Hurd, a senior at Daniel Boone.

Hurd said the protest formed because of the drive of a few Daniel Boone students.

“A group of students just wanted to start it, so we got together and we’re just trying to make a change,” Hurd said.

Kelsey McGuire, a sophomore at Daniel Boone, said she and a friend decided they wanted to protest the synthetic drugs in the Gray area, and began enlisting the help of other students.

“We decided that we were going to protest and it first started out with two, and then it started progressing,” McGuire said. “We started posting on Facebook and then by 10 minutes, I had like 50 people call me wanting to help.”

McGuire said the student-organized protest had been in the works since Tuesday.

According to McGuire, Daniel Boone’s faculty and staff are talking to students about the synthetic drugs and trying to prevent the use of these drugs among their students.

Kristi Noe, a mother of two Daniel Boone students and a protester, said parents need to get educated on synthetic drugs in order to help their children.

“We need to know the signs of it (synthetic drugs), what to look for in our kids if they’re on it,” Noe said. “We need to act then and not wait until they are in a coma or they’re dead.”

Noe said the synthetic drug retailers in the area do not worry about the kids buying synthetic drugs from their stores.

“The people here (synthetic drug store retailers) are more concerned about padding their pockets with money by selling to our kids, but they are actually padding their pockets with our kids’ lives, and it’s got to stop,” Noe said.

The protest Thursday was a result from earlier reports that a Daniel Boone student was removed from the high school Tuesday and taken to an area hospital because of his violent and uncontrollable behavior. The cause of the student’s behavior has not been confirmed and is still under investigation.

Daniel Boone students also remembered a female student who passed away in her sleep Tuesday from an apparent cardiac incident, earlier reports said.

It has not been confirmed that either incident involved the use of synthetic drugs.

Ultimate Smoke could not be reached for comment.

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