Man crashes through window as constables arrive at Carter Co. market

John Thompson • Jan 9, 2012 at 3:46 PM

ELIZABETHTON β€” A man came crashing through a second-story window and landed on the overhang of the apartments at the Old Mountaineer Market, 3206 S. Roan St., Johnson City, just as Carter County constables Mark Carrier and Harvey Shaffer were driving up to the apartments shortly after midnight on Saturday. The officers were responding to a call about a fight.

Carrier said the man then fell to the ground. β€œHe then jumped up and said he was scared and asked if he could get in my patrol car,” Carrier wrote in his report of the incident. He identified the man as Patrick Skinner.

Carrier got out of his patrol car and ran around to the back of the apartments. He said he found another man walking away from the broken window. He was identified the man as Ben Allen Spurlock, 23, 3206 S. Roan St., Johnson City. Spurlock was told to wait with Constable Shaffer.

Carrier went over to Apartment 2, where he found a woman identified as Madison Kayla Barnes. He said he also found the front window was out of its track and blankets and blinds that covered the window were torn and the air conditioner covers torn off the unit. He said there were also pictures and alcoholic beverage bottles scattered throughout the apartment.

Barnes reportedly told Carrier she had been spending time with her new boyfriend, Skinner, when she heard someone come in the window. She went to check and found it was her old boyfriend, Spurlock and an unidentified woman.

Barnes said she and Spurlock had shared the apartment. She asked him why he was back and was told he wanted some of his clothes. Barnes told him to wait and she would bring him the clothes. She also told him she was vacating the apartment the next day. She said Spurlock saw Skinner and threatened him, saying he was coming in and Skinner better run while he could. She said Skinner shut himself in the back bedroom.

She said Spurlock and the unidentified woman started coming in through the window. Barnes said the window fell out and hit her. Barnes then grabbed a piece of the window frame to protect herself and told them to wait until the police came. She said the unidentified woman then threatened her. As they continued coming through the window, Barnes said she swung the wood and hit the woman. She said Spurlock then grabbed her by the hair and hit her in the head with a bottle.

After hearing the story, Carrier charged Spurlock with domestic assault. He is scheduled to answer the charge in Sessions Court on Feb. 6.

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