Letters: Help volunteer firefighters answer the call

Contributed To The Press • Apr 21, 2017 at 12:00 AM

The West Carter County Volunteer Fire Department has a distinguished record of providing skilled service with state-certified firefighters and professional equipment. We would like to ask for the community’s financial support so that we can continue that record for the 48th consecutive year.

Our dedicated volunteer firefighters save lives and protect property — not only for the citizens of West Carter County, but when help is needed elsewhere. We sent volunteers to Gatlinburg on three separate occasions during the recent crisis and responded to dangerous, wind-blown wildfires in our own area.

Our department has recently earned an improved insurance rating so that homeowners can save on their insurance premiums. But we need our community’s support so that we can replace protective turn-out gear for our firefighters. Without this gear we cannot answer fire calls. Turn-out gear for each firefighter costs roughly $5,000.

WCCVFD answers all calls and makes no charge. No one in the WCCVFD receives a salary. All contributions are used to pay for utilities, maintenance and equipment. 

Households and businesses will soon receive our fundraising letter with a request for a contribution. WCCVFD raises needed money only by mail appeal. Please consider a tax-deductible donation to help our firefighters and secure the safety of our community.



West Carter County Volunteer Fire Department

Representing who?

U.S. Rep. Phil Roe told the crowd at his Town Hall meeting in Elizabethton on Tuesday: “I am a Republican speaking in a county that voted 80 percent for Trump.”

How many people voted to have their online information sold? How many voted to allow animals to be hunted from helicopters or gassed in their dens while hibernating in our national parks?

How many voted for Republicans to attempt to end the House Ethics Committee?

I believe the answer to the above questions is zero. So who is Roe representing?


Johnson City

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