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A tribute to Old Science Hill

Bob Cox • Updated May 15, 2017 at 12:00 PM

I came across an old program from May 12, 1961 titled, "Junior Civitan Variety Show — Tribute to Old Science Hill."

The location was the former downtown Science Hill School Auditorium. My classmates could have opted to present it in the nice, new auditorium on John Exum Parkway, the location of our new school.

I suspect the students much preferred to do it at the then-empty downtown high school as a parting farewell memorial. After all, that is where a great deal of memories about our school years resided. Sadly, several of our classmates have long since departed us.

The goings-on, according to the program, were:

1. Welcome: David Allen.

2. Tribute to Old Science Hill: Mary Alice Gordon.

3. The Can-Can Girls?: (Students’ parents got in the act): Bill Kohlin, E.B. Hale, York Trivette, Lonnie Sharpe, Dixie Moore, Robert Story, J.D. Story, Bill Agee and Owen Crutcher.

4. Amateur Show: Carroll Goebel, Sam Deen, Charlie Morris and Ken Lyons.

5. Trumpet Solo: Freddie Sharpe with accompaniment from Frances Harmon.

6. Vocal Solo: Cookie McKinney.

7. Fashion Show: Janelle Story, Barbara Mann, Buddie Talley, Susan Padgett, Elaine Williams, Marianne Hale, John Platt, Jerry Evans, Carroll Vance, Fred Palmer and Frank Gilley.

8. Acrobatic Dance: Sheila Bolding.

9. Juniors, Three: Jimmy Evans, Bill Woods and Mickey Crawford.

10. Satan's Helpers: Petty Peck, Sharon Hancock and Sally Walker. (Surely this is an error).

11. The Pastels: Carolyn Sells, Evelyn Jones, Phyllis Murray and Frances Harmon, accompaniment.

12. Kermit's Kapers: Ed Johnson, Cotty Jones, Jim Martin, Gary Fisher, Mack Eads and Larry Hodges.

13. Duet: Farrell Mathis and Carol Ann Green.

14. Modern Ballet: (Ballet, you say? Surely not!) Larry Miller, Charles Willingham, Booney Vance, Steve Morris, Art Cantrell, Harry Gibson, Ronnie Pelfrey, Jim Brown, Fred Deneen, Jimmy Sanders, Jimmy Grubbs and Ronnie Jones. (This must have been a hoot.)

15. Acknowledgment: The bulletin thanked the following individuals for their time and efforts in making the show possible: Mr. Ray Stockard, emcee; Bill King's, fashions; Mrs. Range and Mrs. Denton, makeup; Lewis Brown and Dan Mahoney, lights; Coach Kermit Tipton, football uniforms; Mr. Tom Parrish, programs; Mrs. James Taylor, typist; and radio station WJSO, publicity.

If you were a part of this show or attended it and can recall specifics, I would love to hear from you for a follow-up column. I know or knew so many of the students mentioned here.

Thank you for anything you are willing to share with me and my readers about the "Junior Civitan Variety Show." I will feature it in an upcoming article.

When the old Science Hill High School building was demolished in early 1979, the gymnasium complex behind and east of the school was spared the same destiny, at least momentarily.

However, after standing mostly idle for several years, it met its fate in 2000 after a tantalizing encounter with an ugly wrecking ball. The old school was then only a fleeing memory.


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