Donut House is a remedy for the breakfast blahs

Mystery Diner • Jul 18, 2014 at 10:04 AM

I am not what you would call a morning person. My alarm clock gets a groggy snarl from me on a regular basis. Act I, scene 2 of my a.m. drama begins when, fending off the temptation to boost my winks quotient beyond 40, I gaze blearily at my at-home breakfast offerings, pondering the day’s first great question: Corn Flakes or oatmeal?

Neither choice is particularly inviting; especially so this past Wednesday when Corn Flakes was removed as an option. Not wanting to face a bowl of oatmeal that early in the morning, I grabbed clothing, car keys and my dining partner, announcing that we would be going out for breakfast.

“Good idea,” my partner replied, “I’ve been craving doughnuts. Let’s try that place on North Roan Street, I hear good things about them.”

Ten minutes later found us walking through the front door of the Donut House, and being greeted by Danny, the shop’s proprietor. In business about 10 months, Danny and his wife Lang have been gathering a steady crowd of hungry donut lovers on a daily basis.

Their simple but comfortable dining area boasts just six two-person tables plus an eight-chair waiting area for take-out patrons. A good-sized glass case displays the Donut House daily fare, with coffee and soft drink machines conveniently located.

Danny was available to answer any questions about the selection and preparation of the offerings on display. Each doughnut is priced individually, as are other items on the menu. My dining partner decided that a half dozen of donuts ($3.99) would be her order. I was looking for something a bit more savory to go with my coffee, and decided I’d try a spicy kolache ($2.50) and a “Mark Special” — a gussied-up bacon maple doughnut with a fried egg in the middle ($2.50).

As my (excellent) cup of coffee swept the last wisps of sleep from my noggin, I helped my partner choose the contents of her half dozen. I liked the look (and smell) of the apple fritter ($1.50), matching it with a chocolate cake donut (75 cents) with coconut shavings on top. My partner favors the yeast-raised type of doughnut, (75 cents each) choosing plain glazed, cinnamon raised, chocolate raised with rainbow sprinkles (getting fancy here) finishing with one topped with cinnamon crumb cake crumbles.

About this time, my kolache was ready, and I joined my dining partner at one of the tables. The kolache is a pastry of central European origin. Resembling a croissant in texture and flakiness, it can have either a sweet or savory filling. My filling was a spicy all-beef Nathan’s hot dog and American cheese — quite savory, and a nice contrast to the flaky, mildly sweet texture of the kolache pastry itself. Just as I was finishing the last of it, Danny brought my Mark Special out and set it before me. The Mark Special takes a Donut House yeast-raised bar doughnut, tops it with maple-flavored frosting and slices it in half lengthwise. Next, a fried egg (over easy, please) is laid on one of the two halves and covered with the other. Lastly, a strip of thin-sliced fried bacon is placed long-ways on top of the maple frosting, and there you are.

The fried egg inside makes handling the Mark Special somewhat slippery, and the bacon tends to bind up on your front teeth with every other bite, but the result is an exquisite blending of maple, bacon and egg flavors. My dining partner, a person who abhors all things maple-tasting, had a bite and was pleased with the result.

As for the doughnuts, I really liked the apple fritter — its vanilla icing caramelized by the fryer to a crunchy deep amber color. The cinnamon crumb cake donut was also good. My partner favored the chocolate donut with sprinkles, followed by the cinnamon donut and the glazed donut.

Impressed with our breakfast, my partner and I decided to get a take-out lunch from Danny. I chose the Tuna Salad Croissant ($4.59) while my partner chose a substantial Nathan’s Hot Dog Combo ($5.59) fixed “all the way” with chips and a medium drink.

We had a lunch the equal of our breakfast from the Donut House. My tuna salad was fresh made with just the right touch of onion, pickle and green pepper in the mix. My dining partner had to cut her hot dog in half for manageability, and ate every last chili-slathered, onion-sprinkled and mustard-topped bit if it.

So, stop by and give the Donut House a try. Danny and Lang have the place spotlessly clean, serve quality food and give excellent service. They are there every morning, making sure your breakfast will be as good as ours was.

Donut House

101 E. 8th Ave.

Johnson City


Monday-Saturday 6 a.m.-6 p.m.

Sunday 6 a.m.-2 p.m.


Credit cards accepted

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