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Music on the Square welcomes Sol Driven Train

Staff Report • Sep 20, 2013 at 2:32 PM

Sol Driven Train plays Music on the Square tonight at 7. The weekly street festival is held in historic downtown Jonesborough; the stage is the old courthouse steps.

The band — Ward Buckheister on guitar, trombone, and vocals; Rusty Cole on bass and vocals; Wes Powers on drums; Russell Clarke on saxophones and vocals; and Joel Timmons on guitar and vocals — is based in Charleston, S.C.

Sol Driven Train’s performances combine upbeat melodies and Afro-Caribbean rhythms with observational humor and a smokin’ horn section.

They cite influences as wide ranging as John Prine and Paul Simon, afrocaribbean rhythmic explorations and New Orleans-style brass, which they turn into songs of life, love, loss and long johns.

During the spring of 2000, a close circle of friends and family began gathering in college apartments downtown Charleston to create sound and share in the joy of music. Through the course of over 12 years and over 1,000 live shows, this same spirit still guides Sol Driven Train through the rocky road of the music industry.

The venues have grown from bedrooms to festival stages, the amps have gotten louder, the lineup has evolved, and the crowds have multiplied, but the sense of brotherhood, mutual support, and musical independence within the band has strengthened.

Through hard work and a commitment to live performance, the band’s reputation and collective musical ability has grown with every season. Named 2011’s “Rock Band of the Year” and 2012’s “Jam Band of the Year” by the Charleston City Paper, and “On the Verge” by Relix Magazine in January 2012, Sol Driven Train is an independent band breaking into the national spotlight.

Nine independent releases including two critically-acclaimed albums for children, a live concert DVD, a live album, four full-length studio albums, and last summer’s popular “Watermelon” EP document the band’s winding musical development.

The band’s loyal fans recently funded the release of Sol Driven Train’s full-length album “Underdog.”

For more information, visit www.musiconthesquare.com.

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