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Eric Myers' Man of the House - Noble Character Qualities

Eric Myers • May 12, 2014 at 10:43 AM

I have been identifying and discussing over the last few posts the biblical references cited at times by both men and women to provide the reasoning for why men should be working outside the home. As we have seen there are scriptures that can be interpreted to instruct in such a way. But, I have also shown, these uses can be suspect for providing a clearly-defined gender "assignment" such as being an at-home parent.

However, there are also places in scripture that speak directly to work and, for those who may be struggling to find their sense of value in the at-home role, and who value the use of scripture in their lives, I think these can provide encouragement, guidance, and affirmation to what you are doing. The first is found in Proverbs 31.

Proverbs 31 is often used to encourage and honor women. If you attend church somewhere you may have even heard portions of it read yesterday in honor of Mother's Day. This proverb is used as a standard of how a woman of noble character should act. In fact, the title "The Wife of Noble Character" is the title many Bible translations give to the latter section of this proverb beginning in verse 10 and ending with verse 31.

What I want us to see are the activities she engages in that makes her, as verse 10 says, "worth far more than rubies." As we read of how she spends her time we discover that she does all kinds of things. She makes her own clothes and linens, she shops (and sometimes goes to great lengths to find the needed goods), she cooks, she rises early and retires late, she's an entrepreneur (buying real estate and then managing her ground so it's productive and profitable), and she cares for people around her by extending her time and resources to help the poor and needy. She's quite the productive lady!

Everyone may not have the time, the resources, or the skills to do all of these activities and that is okay. What is noteworthy for our discussion is that these activities, the very activities that make her highly valued and honored, take place both outside the home and inside the home. In fact, several of the items specifically refer to the fact that she cares for her children, her spouse, and her home.

My friend, here's the point...these activities are presented here as activities to be highly honored and these are the very activities you are doing as an at-home caregiver! Further, if you are a man serving in this role then this section could also be entitled The Husband of Noble Character. You need to understand that as an at home caregiver what you are doing is highly valued, highly honored and highly necessary.

There are two other passages that we will look at over the next few weeks for additional clarification on a biblical view. Make today a great day!

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