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An Ode To Springtime

Amy Lu Keen • Apr 14, 2014 at 4:19 PM

An Ode to Springtime

The spring, with lively, lovely paint of every vibrant hue –

Goldenrod, purple thistle, honeysuckle too.

This poet praises not the spring, its sights nor sounds nor smells,

But remedies for allergies which every drugstore sells.

Sudafed, Allegra, Nasonex and Singulair

Without thee, I would stay inside and never smell Spring air.

And praises too for Kleenex, for its soothing soft relief,

Allowing pleasure in each bloom and every greening leaf.

So come thou, Spring! show thy blossoms; flaunt thy plumage true!

Redbud, Dogwood, burst out color! I shan’t reply “AAAHCHOO!”

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