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Wintry weather wreaks havoc on school schedule

Tracy Lee Curtis • Feb 12, 2014 at 12:13 PM

The Charlotte Observer


Ah, some thoughts on the most recent winter storm …

W – When are these kids gonna go to school for a full week? Since December, we’ve had winter break, MLK holiday, a teacher workday, a polar vortex vacation and now a winter storm sabbatical. And by go to school, I mean go on time and stay there all day long. Because for three months, if they go at all, they’re going in two hours late, or getting out two hours early.

I – I’ve got like nine alarms set in my phone. I’m so confused by the different ring tones, I just changed them all to Chicago’s “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It is?” It was that or “Time In A Bottle,” but I was afraid Jim Croce wouldn’t be enough to wake me.

N – Never have I had to change my schedule around so much. Never have I been home in the morning to catch Kathie Lee & Hoda, which turns out to be a good thing. Nor have I ever been so caught up on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Ridge is refusing to reconcile with Brooke, and I actually know why.

T – Try entertaining kids all day. It’s like summer break, but without any camps. We can only watch so many movies or build so many forts. My house looks like a tent city. I’ve been sleeping on the floor for weeks, because that’s where all my pillows are.

E – Even our board games are a constant reminder of the state of things. Trouble, Sorry, Cranium, UnHinged, Brainlock — yes, we are all aware that we are losing our minds over here.

R – Ridge has feelings for Brooke’s sister, Katie, but he doesn’t realize it yet. Deep down he needs a woman he can trust, and he’s drawn to Katie’s integrity.

S – Sleeping in hasn’t been so bad … It’s nice not to wake up to a ‘70s rock band before 7 a.m.

T – To be honest, I’ve enjoyed having an actual morning. And since I buy milk and bread every time weather is reported, I’ve perfected French toast. If we have another school delay, I’m thinking about adding cinnamon.

O – Or I might even go rogue and do something totally new. I’ll buy cheese instead of milk, and for the next frosty forecast I’ll do a fondue – what with all this bread and all …

R – Really, it’s been nice not being on a schedule. Just slowing down, hanging out with the kids, building fir

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