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Eric Myers' Man of the House - The Beauty of Santa

Eric Myers • Dec 24, 2013 at 8:07 AM

The weather may disagree but our calendars say it's time for Christmas. And yes, there are stressful times during these crazy weeks as we fight the traffic and the crowds around shopping malls and try to time our online purchases so the item can still get here in time for the big day. But, dispute these pressures, watching the joy and excitement in your kids is worth it all.

The Christmas season is just fun and there are a lot of contributing factors - the excitement of picking out a tree (if you're a tree person), the fun of decorating your house, the strategy of hiding presents so as not to be found, the excitement of making and enjoying those special holiday foods, and the anticipation of seeing family and friends. But, with young kids, nothing beats the anticipation of Santa.

I understand some families don't do Santa and for those families they can stop reading now, because the rest of my thoughts will be lost on them. But for those who do Santa, 'aint it awesome!

It is so fun to watch a child's amazement with Santa. I was talking with a friend yesterday and his 3-year old has been asking for a week, "When's Santa coming with presents?" He says it's constant. "Good morning honey." Response? "When's Santa coming with presents?" or "What would you like for breakfast?" Response? "Toast. When's Santa coming with presents?"

Santa changes everything. Kids who normally have to be pulled out of bed just bounce out on Christmas morning. Kids who yell and fight begin hugging and talking nicely as their Elf On The Shelf peers down on them from the bookshelf. Magazines items are marked or circled and arrows drawn to the desired toy. Kids who don't like to write are penning letters to Santa on their own! Kids who can't sit still will curl up to listen to Twas The Night Before Christmas or other Santa related books.

The sad thing, of course, is that Santa has a shelf life. There is only a finite period of time that Santa can be enjoyed and with each passing year the window of opportunity for enjoying Santa closes a little more. Gone will be that little extra spring in their step, that little extra twinkle in their eye, and that gasp of astonishment as they look at an open fireplace door, half-eaten cookies, and an empty glass of milk and wonder how he does it.

We parents don't have the heart to share with them what the NSA discovered when some of their analysts took time to do the math on Santa. That to deliver just one present to every child in the world (assuming an average child per household ratio) his sleigh would weigh so much and the number of reindeer required to pull it would be so high and that, assuming only a 2 second stop at each home, the speed with which he would have to travel in order to deliver them all in a single night would generate so much heat through the atmosphere that Santa and his reindeer would be incinerated in, like, .000034 seconds.

So, it really can't happen. Or can it? That's the beauty of Santa! Merry Christmas to all.

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