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Mother-in-law comebacks for Thanksgiving dinner

Paula Sirois • Nov 12, 2013 at 10:32 AM



You’re going to be face to face with your in-laws this Thanksgiving. There’s no getting out of it, no matter what you try. (And, you know, you’ve tried). This Thanksgiving may be more painful than others because you’re unemployed and that is really the last thing you need right now — your mother-in-law or father-in-law making annoying comments about your responsibilities. Right? I’ve got your back. Here are some handy comebacks to keep on the tip of your tongue — in between bites of stuffing and cranberry sauce.

1. How’s the job search going you ask? Great. So great as a matter of fact that I’ve decided to stop searching and take a little break. Maybe I can come over your house and take a nap sometime this week?

2. Didn’t we tell you? We’ve decided to sell the house, car and all of our stuff and just start backpacking around the country for a year or so. We will sow our wild oats, you know?

3. I’ve sent the kids to work. I mean, really. They just take and take and take. It was time don’t you think? Johnny’s what now? Seven?

4. Something wonderful happened, I’ve realized that it’s all brainwashing this stuff about work. I’ve started looking into alternative lifestyles, and until they legalize it, let’s keep it hush hush, OK?

5. We just found the BEST cult ever and start Monday!

6. I have the greatest idea! How about you guys, just for fun, take our house and we’ll take yours. See, this works great because you’re retired and don’t really have any more big bills like mortgages and stuff, and we do — but can’t pay them. So we’ll just switch lives, sound good?

7. I’m writing a novel, and it’s all about you! I just can’t believe the stuff your son/daughter told me, but I’ve got to show all sides, right?


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