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Moms Gear: Smoobee brush can help lighten the stress of brushing your daughter’s hair

Maggie O"Neill • Aug 6, 2013 at 7:58 PM

Moms Gear: Smoobee brush can help lighten the stress of brushing your daughter’s hair

By Maggie O’Neill



It seems I have my work cut out for me with two daughters who both have long locks. Hair brushing has never been easy and typically comes with tears, fussing or some reference to how much “it hurts.”

Enter Smoobee’s Magic No Cry Brush designed to go through hair without catching or snagging. It’s made with long nylon bristles with extra thick tips to act gently on the scalp. It also uses short synthetic boar bristles in the base that are intended to work through tangled hair.

I, a brush skeptic, was pleasantly surprised to find the two brushes I tried actually went through my daughters’ hair. The effect might have been described as magic — but I sum it up more as shock. In fact, Smoobee was launched in 2012 by a mother frustrated brushing her own young daughter’s hair. She didn’t think the experience should be so unpleasant and neither do I.

There are so many nice touches to the Smoobee Magic No Cry Brush it’s easy to see that a mom was involved. The brush is made of wood (how often do you see that?) and comes in packaging that requires no awkward cutting with the scissors for removal. The cardboard backing simply slides out. As well, kids can bedazzle their brushes with gem stickers ordered with the brush. This creates the way for a child to develop ownership as well as makes a nice project to do on a Saturday morning.

The brushes come in pink, purple, turquoise or blue and can be purchased with gem stickers for $22.90 from www.smoobee.com . The brushes are $19.95 without the stickers. The brushes come with a lifetime warranty and are 100 percent refundable, no questions asked.

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