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Many cities, states have backward, stupid liquor laws

John Strickland • Jul 18, 2013 at 8:41 AM

Tennessee legislators don’t realize their stupidity on the “wine in grocery stores” bill. Living here in Bristol, Tenn., all I do when I want a bottle of wine is go to Bristol, Va. — exit 7 to be exact, if I want to really save money. I moved back to this area after 30 years from the Dallas, Texas, area. In the whole Dallas city limits there is only one section that allows liquor stores. You can buy liquor by the drink in restaurants and beer just about anywhere, but you have to go to this one section of Dallas to buy liquor and wine. And liquor stores are not allowed in any surrounding city that is in the Dallas metroplex. This all Dallas County. Plano, Texas, which is in Collin county — a northern suburb of Dallas, has tried for several years to allow liquor stores to no avail. Stuck in between Dallas, Garland and Richardson is a four-block section township called Buckingham. Buckingham has liquor stores. The people of Buckingham voted that in years ago so they wouldn’t have to go to Dallas just to buy liquor and wine. So, if you live in a suburb such as Rowlett, as I did, you have to drive about 20 miles to Buckingham to buy liquor or wine.So Tennesssee is not the only place with stupid liquor laws. I lived in Louisiana for a time and you can buy beer, liquor and wine in a convenience or grocery store there.John Strickland lives in Bristol.

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