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Cute cake ideas sweeten up summer birthdays and more

Jace Evans • Jul 2, 2013 at 11:53 AM

Cute cake ideas sweeten up summer birthdays and more

By Jace Evans



For children, summer is a glorious three months of the year. There’s no school and seemingly endless amounts of playtime and sunshine. Even for children that aren’t in school yet, there’s something special about the summer months.

For those children who are lucky enough to have a summer birthday, the season is even sweeter. Betty Crocker has compiled some summer birthday cake ideas that are both creative and affordable, too. By making these cakes yourself, you will make your child’s birthday sweet in more ways than one.

— Flip-Flop Cake: What says “summer” more than a pair of flip-flops? The shape of the cake can be made by using the templates provided on the Betty Crocker website. Straps are created using fruit leather.

— Frog Cupcakes: Perhaps the only time you will ever want to eat a frog, these cupcakes can be made by placing small cookies on the edges and frosting them. You can create a mouth out of frosting and can add a tongue made out of candy if you choose.

— Ice Cream Cone Cake: Baking cupcakes in ice cream cones makes cupcakes even more portable and customizable than before. Bonus: No melting.

— Sailboat Cake: You can turn a normal, square cake into a sailboat that is sure to be a hit just by simply cutting your cake into three uneven diagonal pieces. You can create the mast and add additional decorations by using any candy you want.

— Watermelon Cake: That cool, refreshing watermelon at a family picnic is a summer classic. You can make a “watermelon” cake by using food coloring, chocolate chips to mimic seeds and green jelly beans to make a rind.

For templates, recipes and other fun cake ideas visit: http://bit.ly/11U7TEm

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