Jimmy John’s sandwich shop delivers the goods

Mystery Diner • Apr 27, 2012 at 3:52 PM

A new sandwich shop has shown up in Johnson City that delivers the goods. Literally.

Jimmy John’s is the newest addition to the Med-Tech Corridor at 2108 W. Market St., in the location formerly occupied by Blockbuster.

An Illinois-based franchise, Jimmy John’s does sandwiches, and only sandwiches. Where they differ from most is that they charge the same $4.75 price for all of their 8-inch sub sandwiches, and $5.75 for any of their club sandwiches. This removes Part Two of the usual “Confusion at the Cash Register” question, “Can I afford it?” leaving hungry old you to deal with Part One, “What looks good on the menu?”

In answer to Part One, Jimmy John’s has what you are looking for; they make seven types of submarine sandwiches, all of them served on a warm, crunchy 8-inch French baguette.

Their “Pepe” sandwich gives you applewood smoked ham and provolone cheese served up with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. The “Big John” uses medium-rare roast beef garnished the same way as “Pepe,” while the “J.J.B.L.T.” serves up crispy bacon in the same fashion for an excellent BLT.

“Turkey Tom” uses oven-roasted sliced turkey breast and adds alfalfa sprouts to the lettuce, tomato and mayo. “Totally Tuna” takes Jimmy John’s in-house tuna salad mix and adds cucumber and alfalfa sprouts to the lettuce and tomato, while the “Vegetarian” exchanges the sandwich meat for avocado spread, and doubles up on the provolone.

Finally, there’s “Vito,” Jimmy John’s answer to the Italian sub sandwich. Here, Genoa hard salami is layered with provolone cheese, capicola and sliced onions and doused with a tasty Italian vinaigrette. If you’re really hungry, you can order extra meat ($1.25), or extra cheese ($0.75) or avocado spread (ditto) or hot peppers (free) on your sandwich. Should you not want veggies or sauce with your meat sandwich, Jimmy John’s will leave them off and charge you a dollar less. For the weight-conscious, Jimmy John’s can exchange the French baguette for a lettuce wrapper at no extra charge.

Jimmy John’s line of club sandwiches expands on their sub sandwich menu by using larger quantities of everything, and offering a thick-sliced seven-grain sandwich bread instead of the baguette.

The “Gourmet Smoked Ham Club” is “Pepe’s” big brother, giving you a thick quarter-pound stack of smoked ham stacked with provolone, lettuce, tomato and mayo. The “Hunter’s Club” up-scales “Big John,” “Billy Club” does the same and also adds ham and a dollop of Dijon mustard. “Club Lulu” adds sliced turkey breast to the “J.J.B.L.T.” while the “Country Club” sandwich takes that turkey sandwich and substitutes smoked ham for the bacon. The “Bootlegger Club” partners sliced roast beef with turkey breast.

The “Beach Club” pairs sliced turkey with avocado spread, cucumbers and alfalfa sprouts, while the “Gourmet Veggie Club” gets rid of the “Beach Club’s” meat while doubling up on the provolone and vegetables. (Jimmy John’s suggests trying it on the seven-grain bread.) The “Club Tuna” expands upon the “Totally Tuna” sub sandwich mentioned earlier, and the “Italian Night Club” could be “Vito’s” godfather. Then there is the “Ultimate Porker,” a stack of sliced ham and bacon garnished with plenty of lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.

Finally, if you are really, really hungry, there is the “JJ’s Gargantuan,” ($7.75) a super-sized club sandwich that stacks salami, roast beef, ham, turkey and capicola with provolone and a harvest-sized load of onions, lettuce and tomato, sauced with JJ’s Italian vinaigrette and crammed onto an 8-inch baguette. (For an inexpensive meal, buy one, it’s share-able.)

Jimmy John’s also has a good selection of side orders. You can order their “real” potato chips or a big kosher dill pickle (recommended) for a dollar each. Soft drinks are available in two sizes, medium ($1.39) and large ($1.79.) For dessert, try Jimmy John’s Giant Home Made Cookie, your choice of either chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin, just $1.50.

What gives Jimmy John’s a big edge in the sandwich shop business is that you can order your sandwich from them online at jimmyjohns.com and they will deliver it right to your door and charge you a 25-cent to 35-cent delivery fee per item. That’s right, Jimmy John’s will deliver just one sandwich to you and charge you a quarter per item to do it.

So, Mr. Businessman, the next time you’re stumped about what to feed your stockholders meeting, why not impress them with your good taste and good business sense by ordering in from Jimmy John’s? Who knows, they just might give you a raise.

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